Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got a query or concern for our services? We have covered almost all possible questions and issues here. If you don’t find your question in the list, you can reach out to us at (customer support ID). We will get back to you ASAP (within 48 hours)!



The status indicates the stage of the order. It will change as it will proceed further. Here is the explanation of what each status means:

New : The order placed by you will be in this section until the publisher accepts or rejects it.

In-Progress :Once the Publisher accepts your order, it will move to the In-Progress tab and will show the due date and Active status

Your Approval : As soon as the publisher submits the live link of your guest post you can accept it, or mention the modifications you need. If you don’t respond to the order within 48hours, it will be auto-approved.

Completed : Once you approve the live link, the order will be moved to the Completed tab. It indicates the order completion, and you will not be able to request any changes.

Rejected : If the publisher Rejects your order due to any specific reason (at the very beginning) it will move to the Rejected tab.

Delayed : If the order submission is going to take more time than the due date, it will move to the Delayed tab. Once the publisher delays the order, you will get an Email informing the same, here either you can accept or reject the order. (No action taken within 72hours will be considered as accepted!)

In the Marketplace, you will see the on the left side of each publisher. On clicking the sign, you will be able to see the website’s complete details with a sample post.
We only accept and offer payments through Paypal. There’s no other option!
The chances of this to happen is near to none, but if that’s the case, you can recommend changes in the note section before approving the link.
If you are looking for guest posting services for the websites with DA 10-20, the Lite package is best for you. In this package, you will get 3 guest postings of 500 to 750 words written by our in-house expert content writers (one focus keyword/URL). The delivery time is between a week or two.
This is our most loved package. The standard package includes 5 handwritten content of 750 to 1000 words, which ultimately means 5 guest postings (near to your average monthly target). In this package guest posting will be done on websites with DA 20-40 and delivery time is of two to three weeks. You can ask to add 2 keywords/URL.
If you are looking to submit guest posts on websites with DA between 40 to 50, this Premium package is for you. Also this one will almost complete your guest posting target with 10 posts. The handwritten content will be between 1000 to 1500 words and the delivery time is around 3 to 4 weeks. You can ask to add 3 keywords/URL.
If none of the packages interests you, you can go for a Customized one. If your website’s DA is somewhere near 40 to 50, you will look for the sites with DA more than that. This when our customized package will help you. Here you will get handwritten content with 1500+ words and 10+ posts. Pricing will be decided after you mention your needs and requirements.
The websites mentioned in the marketplace are gathered after contacting hundreds of blog owners. So the entire credit stays with the website owner, we don’t claim any of the websites as ours.
Yes, you will have to review and approve the article before it goes for posting. However, you will have to do it within 48 hours, or else it will be auto-approved.
    Yes, Definitely. You can provide content. However, make sure about following the guidelines:
  • - Content should be with no grammatical errors
  • - 100% Original and Plagiarism-free
  • - Thoroughly researched
Also, make sure you go through the sample post of the publisher before creating the content.
Yes, of course, you can. Click on the (+) sign on the right side of the publisher’s website in Marketplace, there you will see the link to its sample post.
The reason you weren’t able to find a casino, poker, or any gambling website is that we don’t deal with them. Apart from these three categories, you will find every on the list.
No, there’s no minimum order requirement


To list your website in the Marketplace, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1 : After signing up in the Marketplace, go to My Website tab.

Step 2 : In this tab, you will see the icon. Click on it, you will be taken to the website listing page.

Stage 3 : Here at this point, you will have to fill up the information asked, like DA, Category, Sample post, Turn around time (TAT), Backlink type, price, and monthly traffic.

Stage 4 :The last step is to hit the Add button. And Tada! You will see your website on the list.

Now, wait to secure or bag your first order!

The status indicates the stage of the order. It will change as it will proceed further. Here is the explanation of what each status means:

New : When an advertiser buys your guest post service through the marketplace, you will see them in the New tab. Here you will have to either accept or reject the order.

In-Progress :Once you have accepted the order, it will automatically be moved to the In-Progress tab and you will have to place the live link to process it further.

Delayed :If you fail to submit the live link on the due date, it will move to the Delayed tag. When the order is moved to the delayed tab, the buyer will receive a mail informing the same. The buyer will have 72hours to either accept or reject the order. And if you fail to submit a live link during this period, the order will be auto-rejected and a refund will be initiated for the buyer.

Note: Try not to delay the order, it will create a negative impression, and worse the order has 50% chances of getting canceled.

Delivered :Once you submit the live link when the task is in In Progress tab, it will be moved to the Delivered tab.

Completed : As soon as the buyer approves the live link, the order status will change to Completed and will appear in this tab.

Rejected : When you reject the order in the New tab, it will be moved to the Rejected tab.

You can list the website of any niche be it fashion, pet, travel, health, finance, or any XYZ category, but it’s a strict no to a casino, poker, and gambling websites. We don’t accept sites falling under these three categories.
There are no such requirements, as of now. However, the website must be genuine and SSL certified. If we come to a common ground on setting certain requirements you will get notified and will be uploaded under this question as well.
There’s no minimum or maximum cap for a price, you can set price as per your convenience. However, we would advise you to keep the prices minimum to bag more orders.
You can withdraw your money using Paypal only. Enter your PayPal id and click on the withdraw button.
Publishers who have requested for the payment withdrawal will get the payment on 15th or 28th of the respective month.
Yes, you can. The only thing to take care of is, it should be your own running website.

Content Writing

The content will be written by our in-house expert writers. Place the order and sit back relaxed, you will be greeted with freshly brewed content with proper research on the completion.
The language of the content will be in English only. We don’t provide content in any other language.
We can’t specify the time, as it depends on the word count and type of content. The higher the word count the higher will be the time taken for the curation. Register yourself to avail our content writing services and know the exact answer!
Yes, feel free to request for revisions, we offer multiple revisions till the content is uploaded.
Whichever you want! Yes, you read it right. Our expert team of content writers are adaptable enough to deliver you the content in your own brand voice.
Yes, you can see the sample of content written by our writers.