Link Publishers automatically refunds you for the order which gets rejected or cancelled. In case, the publisher fails to complete the order then the order gets rejected and the advertiser (buyer) gets the refund for that order in his/her Link Publisher’s wallet.

The live link provided by the publisher will be mentioned in the delivery section. Before accepting your order, we recommend the advertisers to check all the details. Upon delivery, the advertisers have the option to modify the order if it does not meet their expectations and to request changes from the publisher. After they accept the final delivery, they can no longer request a refund.

In the following situations, an advertiser could receive a refund:

  1. The final delivery is not accepted.
  2. Despite repeated attempts, the advertiser's requirements are not met by the publisher.
  3. Two orders are placed by mistake.

Dispute between Advertiser and Publisher

If the advertiser(buyer) is not satisfied with the live link delivered by the publisher, then the advertiser can contact Link Publishers to solve the problem. Link Publishers will come in between two parties and will help to solve the disputes between them. The decision taken by the Link Publishers will be considered.