Calling all website owners, link-building service providers, and content creators!

Have you noticed a shift in your search results lately? If yes, then you are not alone.

Google rolled out a significant update in March 2024, which has significantly impacted how content is ranked and how it has affected link-building strategies. 

This update is categorized as the “Google March 2024 Core Update“, which focuses on improving how people experience the internet. They aim to tackle poor-quality content and sneaky tactics used to manipulate online systems.

Further, this update significantly impacts link-building strategies. Hence, it is imperative to understand how this update will affect your plan. Being updated on updates will affect your strategy to maintain search rankings and provide top-notch content to users.

Let’s dive deep into this update and find its effects on link building.

What are these March 2024 Core Updates? 

In March 2024, Google significantly changed how it decides what shows up at the top of your search results. 

These changes are all about ensuring you see helpful and trustworthy information when searching for something online. 

Here’s the breakdown:

Getting Rid of Low-Quality Stuff: 

Imagine a messy room filled with things you don’t even use. Google wants to clean up its search results by getting rid of websites with information that isn’t very helpful or seems like it was written just to trick search engines.

In the past, getting a lot of links from other websites was a big way to move up in search results. Now, Google cares more about the quality of those links. They want to see links from websites relevant to yours that people trust.

Cracking Down on Spammers: 

Some people try to trick Google by creating fake websites or buying links. Google is getting better at spotting these tricks and will penalize websites that try to cheat the system.

Rewarding Helpful Content: 

Imagine you’re looking for a recipe online. Google wants to surface websites that are like a well-stocked kitchen. They should have all the necessary ingredients listed and easy to find. The instructions should be written in a way that’s easy to understand, even for someone who isn’t a professional chef. 

“We believe these updates will reduce the amount of low-quality content on Search and send more traffic to helpful and high-quality sites. Based on our evaluations, we expect that the combination of this update and our previous efforts will collectively reduce low-quality, unoriginal content in search results by 40%.— Elizabeth Tucker, Director, Product Management. 

Remember how achieving success in your field requires genuine expertise, not simply copying the work of others? 

Google’s March 2024 update is kind of like that for websites. It’s all about rewarding websites that create genuinely helpful content and cracking down on those trying to trick the system. 

These updates have split people into two groups: some who are unhappy with them and others who appreciate and support them.

Twitter conversation regarding google core update

Hence to stay in the second group you need to find how it will affect link-building:

Before, getting tons of links from any website might have helped your ranking. Now, it’s more about the quality of those links. Imagine you wrote a fantastic guide on fixing a leaky faucet. 

Links from a trusted home improvement website would be helpful, like getting a thumbs-up from an honest plumber! But a random shoe store link wouldn’t make much sense, right? Google wants to see links from relevant and trustworthy websites in your field.

The Rise of Helpful and Human Written Content:

The March 2024 update places a strong emphasis on “helpful content.” This directly impacts link-building in several ways: 

  • Websites that showcase clear expertise and authorship in their content are more likely to attract high-quality links. Google values content written by people with demonstrable knowledge in their field.
  • It should engage the user, answer their questions comprehensively, and offer solutions to their problems.
  • With the focus on expertise, links from websites with established authority in your field become even more valuable. 
  • This shift necessitates a move away from link-building strategies solely focused on quantity. Content marketing strategies that prioritize creating high-quality, human-written content that establishes your website as a valuable resource within your niche will see tremendous success.

Just look at how many marketers are using AI to create content:

And take a look at the contrast in website traffic when using AI versus human-created content.

Therefore, if your focus is on quantity rather than quality in link-building, then you need to rethink your strategies in light of these updates.

Building Relationships Matters:

Shady link-building tactics are no longer effective. Google now values genuine connections within your industry. Building relationships with influencers and thought leaders can be a powerful strategy. 

Consider guest posting on their websites or collaborating on projects. This allows you to acquire links from trusted sources while establishing yourself as a credible voice in your field.

No More Spamming!

Some websites resort to manipulative tactics like creating fake websites or buying links to inflate their ranking. Google’s ability to detect such practices is constantly improving, and websites that engage in these tactics will likely face penalties.

Approximately 79,000 websites were deindexed or got manual action notifications in the recent Google update in March 2024. Google’s manual actions removed these websites entirely from search results, showing a big effort to improve quality and fight unhelpful content.

The update targeted sites violating Google’s guidelines, leading to swift manual actions affecting numerous websites across different industries. The speed of these penalties highlights Google’s efficient response to combat spam and low-quality content. 

So, if you are someone using spam tactics to build backlinks, be aware and reconsider your tactics, as they may no longer be effective.

Wrapping up  

The March 2024 Google update might seem like a shakeup, but it’s ultimately a positive step towards a more helpful and trustworthy internet. By prioritizing high-quality content and genuine connections, you can ensure your website remains visible in search results.

Remember, Google wants to show users the most helpful content. By embracing this update, you can ensure your website thrives in the new search landscape. So, roll up your sleeves, create content you’re proud of, and build meaningful connections – the links will follow!

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