Mistakes are dangerous and guest blogging mistakes are no different! 

Those among us who are associated with guest blogging know very well how excellent it is to grow any business. With guest blogging, you can showcase your work in front of people who have never heard about your business. Also, a perfect guest blogging strategy can help build the highest authority in your niche. 

But guest blogging is often done wrong by many. In that case, guest blogging for SEO can go wrong. Though there are various appealing benefits of guest blogging, committing the biggest guest blogging mistakes can ruin your brand. 

In this blog, we will discuss such harmful guest blogging mistakes that you should avoid to do successful guest blogging all the time. 

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Not Linking Your Website

Although SEO is not always the primary purpose of guest blogging, you should never forget to include a link back to your website. If you aim to post on a high-quality guest blogging website, you need to have a link to your website. In this way, you will help readers to find you more easily and read more content.

In this scenario, you should keep in mind that there could be many websites that don’t allow links within the body of the posts that they publish. You should avoid targeting such websites. It is one of the main guest post blogging principles to only aim to publish in such websites that can at least allow one link in your author bio. It is with this bio and link, you will be able to generate referral traffic and leads. 

Not Incorporating an Exciting Offer

If you aim for brand recognition through guest blogging, this doesn’t seem to be a mistake. Including an offer in your author bio is not necessary in that case.

When it comes to the author bio, you shouldn’t share anything except a brief introduction to yourself and your business that has a link back to your homepage. However, if your objective is to generate potential leads through your guest post, you should never forget to include a free offer in your bio. 

If you are not doing so, it will be one of the biggest guest blogging mistakes. One of the most important guest blogging rules is to make the most out of the author’s bio. You can add anything, from ebooks, guides, or any other downloadable guest post. 

Aiming for the Inappropriate Blogs

Guest bloggers often end up targeting the wrong blogs. Most guest bloggers do this because they don’t have a well-crafted guest blogging strategy. So, it’s crucial to finalize your guest blogging strategy. When you do this, you will be able to target the right blogs. For this, you will need to do a bit more research. Hence, make sure you are doing the proper research to ensure you are targeting only the right blogs. 

If your SEO objective is to improve your search engine rankings for specific keywords, create content around those keywords. Make sure you are targeting such blogs that will cover that topic on their blogs and rank for the desired keywords. So, don’t forget to do a comprehensive google search for your targeted keywords so you can identify the best websites for guest blogs.

Not Pitching Blog Owners Effectively

Before you plan to write your blog, you need to first pitch the owner of the blog. This is the most sensitive part that you need to do smartly. Especially, when you are pitching a huge publication or a blog that is new to you!

This is one of the biggest guest blogging mistakes to pitch in a wrong way. Some of the best tips on how you should get your pitch ready are: 

  • Don’t forget to do a good research
  • Make sure you are checking out what kind of guest posts your targeted website publishes 
  • You need to ensure that your pitch is a short one. If you come up with an email of just 1-2 meaningful lines, that’s enough. You don’t have to do it too much! P.S.: Don’t forget a suggested title for your blog. It gives more clarity to your idea. 
  • Have a link to your blog so that the editor can have an idea of your choice and understand your writing style. 

Not Having the Blog’s Audience Type in Mind

Ideally, you should keep an eye on the fact that the target audience for your guest post should be the same as your blog. So, while you write your guest post, you need to be true to your voice and style. It is one of the main guest blogging tips, else you will not be able to attract the desired target audience. And it will turn out to be one of the biggest guest blogging mistakes. 

Moreover, you should also understand what your audience wants and where they come from. Don’t forget to also have an idea of what they are interested in and their level of interest.

If you have a clear idea of all these points, you will be able to do guest blogging successfully. But if you don’t have an idea about the same, make sure you are asking the blog owner for details about how their audience is. This information along with the research that you will do would help you know what your audience exactly wants. And if you don’t know that, it will be one of the biggest guest blogging mistakes.

You Didn’t Prioritize Your Headline

This is something that you must take care of when it comes to guest blogging. How you have crafted your headline will decide the fate of your post. If you have a great headline, it will give you more shares and clicks. And on the other hand, if you have a bad headline, people will not read it and your blog will end up in the blog post cemetery. 

While most blog owners will recognize a not-so-good headline and simply change it according to their choice. But as you are the other who is submitting the guest blog, you should be responsible for the title of your post. You have it in your own hands to submit the blog with a good title so it receives maximum attention. So, never commit this one of the greatest guest blogging mistakes to approach a website owner for a guest blogging opportunity with just any random title. 

Not Hosting Appealing Content on Your Website

There are many guest blogging sites for SEO, and each of them should have a high quality to rank better in Google. But to assure you want to publish on such websites, you should also offer valuable content on your website. It will help you establish your reputation as an expert in the field that you are working.

Jayson Demers, an SEO expert, believes that it is beneficial to create at least 10 high-end blog posts on your blog before you approach any website for guest posting. With such premium quality blogs on your website, you will be able to showcase your skills as a writer to the owner of the website on which you are planning to publish. The possibility to spike up your identity will also increase remarkably as you will be able to get backlinks from your guest blogs to the blogs of your website. When it comes to the guest blogging rules, having great content on your blog is a huge perk.

Not Having a Track of Outreach Records

If you fail to maintain a record of all the blogger outreach that you are doing, you are committing one of the biggest guest blogging mistakes. Especially if you are communicating with many blog managers for multiple opportunities, keeping track is important. Every ideal guest blogging company understands that. 

If you keep your outreach records, it will help you manage your communications well, progress consistently, and avoid any careless mistake like contacting the same blogger again and again. It’s easy to have this record. Just have a simple spreadsheet that keeps a track of all bloggers that you have reached out to. And take a glimpse of that sheet every time you communicate with any blogger. It will help you avoid repetitions. 

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The Bottom Line 

Guest blogging is having a great impact on the SEO world. And if you do it perfectly, it will surely help you generate awesome traffic overall. For that, it becomes crucial to avoid the above mistakes. If you do so, you will be able to post your guest blogs successfully.  

Are you ready for some exciting guest blogging?

Just make sure you are not committing the common mistakes that your contemporaries are probably doing. And you will overthrow them in the cut-throat competition that exists today. 

Wish you all the best! 

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