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Link Building Mistakes To Avoid In 2023 According To SEO Experts

Link building is an important part of the SEO strategy; it is the process of promoting your website in an effort to obtain links to it.  

Links from reputable, authoritative websites serve as a vote of confidence for Google. The more people who support your website, the more sincere and open you appear to be. But if link-building is not up to the mark, it can affect your SEO efforts. 

Your website won’t rank till other blogs or websites link to it. Thus, one must have a solid link-building strategy to achieve this goal. You must also know which mistakes to avoid while doing the link-building so that you do not spoil your link-building strategy. 

Many people are making link-building mistakes, and due to this, they are facing many problems and also costing them a lot of money. Thus, it is important to avoid link-building mistakes. 

It is normal for people to make mistakes while link building, but learning from those mistakes and rectifying them is necessary. 

Everyone may tell you about successful link-building practices, but not everyone would tell you the mistakes that should be avoided while doing link-building. We will help you with it and let you know what experts say regarding link-building practices. 

The experts can be the perfect people to let us know the avoidable link building mistakes for beginners. 

Craig Campbell

SEO Trainer & Consultant

Craig: Be careful who you listen to; a link is a link regardless of what anyone says. The second mistake is that people think only organic link-building can benefit them, but it’s not the case. So, you can use the practice of buying links. The third mistake to avoid is over-depending on automation. 

Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz

CEO of RustyBrick

Barry: According to Barry, thinking about Link building is the biggest mistake. One must focus on writing content that people like. One must think about generating a user base instead. 

Dan Shure

Dan Shure

SEO Consultant

Dan: First, avoid using bad anchor text. Second, missing the bigger opportunities in Link-building like building relationships. The third mistake is measuring results by link matrix, not traffic and marketing matrix. 

Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer

Consultant & Speaker on Digital Marketing

Neal: The first mistake to avoid is doing link building just for the sake of link building. Google today is smart; it looks for the relevance of the website.

Second, avoid the use of automated software. It is important to build relationships. Try to communicate in a personalized way. The third mistake is always getting backlinks to the product pages. 

Andrea Volpini

Andrea Volpini

CEO of WordLift

Andrea: The first mistake is forgetting that link-building is all about share-worthy. The second mistake, according to him, is paying links and overdoing links.

The third mistake is wasting time on link-building that is not coherent with the overall digital strategy. 

Chuck Price

Chuck Price

CEO of Measurable SEO

Chuck: First, try to avoid the time and effort of learning the old tactics that may work previously but are not useful for the current times. The second mistake is to stop expecting quick results. The third is expecting high conversions, don’t have unrealistic expectations.  

Lily Ray

Lily Ray

Sr. Director at Amsive Digital

  1. Violating Google’s link quality guidelines
  2. Worrying too much about DA
  3. Buying links without knowing where they will be posted
Bill Hartzer

Bill Hartzer

SEO Consultants

When it comes to links, everyone seems to want to get a “do follow” link and they’re concerned over “nofollow”. Or they’re concerned about getting a “high DA” link or something with a similar metric. In the case of nofollow versus “do follow”, it’s more important to get a link from an on-topic page to your site, and especially one that gets traffic and clicks.

I don’t measure “domain authority” at all, so I look for ‘on topic’ pages that are going to link to the site, and where on the page the link will appear. When it comes to an overall link profile, beginner SEOs need to look at the anchor text of links pointing to the site. Oftentimes there is an “over optimization” of exact match anchor text. It’s better to look for branded anchor text links that contain your keyword. For example, I’d rather get a link with anchor text of “Hartzer Consulting SEO Expert” than “SEO Expert” since the first is branded anchor text.

It’s okay to have a “few” exact match anchor text links but the majority of the anchor text should not be an “exact match”.


The experts have suggested some mistakes that can be avoided while link building and everyone has a different opinion on this. But one common thing is not over-relying on automation and instead try building relationships.

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