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Should You Buy Backlinks in 2024? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Backlinks or link building are crucial elements of any SEO strategy. However, some marketers buy backlinks instead of organically acquiring them to achieve a higher success rate.

Should you follow this strategy, too, and buy backlinks in 2024?

If you have this on your mind, this blog is for you.

Below, we have discussed why backlinks are so important, why marketers choose to buy backlinks, and whether this practice is legal. We have also listed some best practices when it comes to buying backlinks. So, read in full.

Top reasons why backlinks are important

Here’s why:

Search Ranking

Google puts a lot of stress on user experience. It wants to present the most trustworthy and authoritative pages to searchers for search queries.

Also, Google considers backlinks to be a vote of confidence in your content. When many high-authority websites link to your content, it indicates that your site provides value and is a trustworthy and credible source of information. And this improves the chances of you ranking higher for search terms.

While backlinks are not the only factor Google considers when ranking websites, they are certainly important. So, generating more high-authority backlinks can potentially boost your search ranking.

Brand Awareness

As stated earlier, backlinks help improve your search ranking. When your search ranking improves, you start to appear higher in the SERPs, and more people discover your website/business. This helps drive organic traffic to your website and enhances your brand awareness.

It goes without saying, but people are more likely to engage with or buy from a brand they know about.

Referral Traffic

Let’s say you have backlinks coming from extremely popular websites that receive thousands of daily visitors.

If the visitors regularly consume the website content, they’ll likely click the link and land on your website, generating referral traffic. This, again, helps your brand get more exposure.

Some traditional ways of building backlinks include:

  • Guest Posting: you publish guest posts on other websites for a backlink.
  • Niche Edits: you suggest edits to an already published content piece for a link.
  • Resource Pages: you contribute to resource pages in your niche in exchange for a link.
  • Broken Link Building: you identify broken links and offer them to replace with yours.
  • Commenting: you contribute and comment on popular blogs.
  • Influencer Outreach: you reach out to influencers and ask them to review your product/service and link it back to your website.

Now, in ideal cases, none of the above methods of link-building involve money. However, if you pay to acquire hyperlinks using any of the above or other link building techniques, you can call it buying backlinks.

But why pay for backlinks when you can acquire them for free?

Let’s find out.

While there are several ways of generating backlinks, the majority of marketers choose to buy backlinks.
Here are the primary reasons why:

Resource Efficient

Let’s say you’re building backlinks via guest posting. Here’s what a typical guest posting process includes:

  1. You need to identify high-authority websites in your niche that accept guest posts.
  2. Compare and choose the ones based on multiple factors, including PR, DA, traffic, etc.
  3. Read the guidelines and prepare the content accordingly.
  4. Craft a compelling email with your pitch.
  5. Follow up for several days until you get a response.

If you notice, the above process takes up a lot of time and dedicated resources. Even after investing the resources, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a response or backlink.

However, buying backlinks can substantially reduce the resources spent.

For instance, you can visit a guest posting marketplace like Link Publishers and choose from a pool of 60,000+ websites that accept guest posts. Just upload the content (or get it written by a writer at Link Publishers), make the payment, and get your backlink within 30-32 hours.

So, by buying backlinks, you can potentially generate more backlinks by investing less time and effort, which can give you a massive competitive advantage.

Tons of Options

When it comes to organic link-building methods, you have limited options. You need to spend more time researching and to identify new opportunities.

However, that’s not the case when you buy backlinks. Usually, guest post marketplaces have thousands of vetted websites that accept guest post submissions. By applying some filters, you can choose the best websites and strengthen your backlink profile like never before.

For instance, finding a guest blogging website with 80+ DA and 10K+ daily visitors could be tough. Even if you find one, it’d be tough to get your post published as they may be receiving a lot of requests or have complex guidelines.

A guest post marketplace such as Link Publishers, on the other hand, can offer you plenty of high-authority websites in your niche within minutes.

Often, the process of buying backlinks is associated with lots of downsides, primarily backlash from Google. Google penalizes websites in a few scenarios:

  • If you buy backlinks from poor quality sources such as link farms, PBNs, fake directories, etc.
  • If you use the same anchor text over and over again.
  • If all your backlinks are coming from similar sources.

You might end up way lower in the Google SERPs and even face manual penalties from Google.

If you’re thinking about whether you can ethically buy backlinks, the answer is yes. Even Google has no problem with it as long as you buy high-quality backlinks from guest posting marketplaces and qualify them with a rel= “nofollow” or rel= “sponsored” attribute value to the tag.

Here’s what Google says about its spam link policy:

“Google does understand that buying and selling links is a normal part of the economy of the web for advertising and sponsorship purposes. It’s not a violation of our policies to have such links as long as they are qualified with a rel= “nofollow” or rel= “sponsored” attribute value to the tag.”

However, whether or not you should buy backlinks depends on your needs. For instance, if you have dedicated resources for link-building and ample time to invest, you can opt for organic link-building methods.

However, if you lack dedicated in-house resources and want to scale your link-building strategy, you can and should buy backlinks.

Pro Tip: High authority backlinks are quite expensive. You may have to set some budget aside to buy backlinks.

Here are some of the best practices you must consider when buying backlinks:

Relevant Sources

Always buy backlinks from sources you trust. If you opt for a shady SEO backlink service, it can taint your brand’s reputation. Also, Google may catch up and penalize your website.

High Authority Websites

If you’re approaching a link-building marketplace with plenty of options, choose websites with high domain authority and page ranking. When you buy high DA backlinks, more value travels to your website, increasing your credibility.

Quality over Quantity

When buying backlinks, don’t focus too much on the quantity of backlinks. Instead, acquire a limited number of high-authority backlinks from multiple sources. This will strengthen your backlink profile.

Opt for Premium Service Providers

There are tons of options in the market offering quality backlinks at dirt-cheap prices. Don’t fall for the trap; instead, choose reliable service providers for buying backlinks.

Diversify the Anchor Text

When purchasing backlinks, make sure to use variations of the keywords for anchor texts. Contextual backlinks work best.

Disavow Tool

Use Google’s Disavow tool to remove any toxic links if you think they might violate Google’s guidelines.

Don’t target every link you buy to a single page. To Google, this can sound like a link-building scheme. Spread the links over multiple quality pages to avoid suspicion.

Safest Way to Buy Backlinks

One of the best ways to buy backlinks is by signing up on a guest post marketplace such as Link Publishers. They’re a reliable guest posting platform with 60,000+ websites in hundreds of niches, including law, sports, real estate, tech, women, and more.

You need to sign up on Link Publishers’ platform as an advertiser and choose websites relevant to your niche. After that, you can upload the content, make the payment, and have your backlink delivered within 30-32 hours.

The best part? All websites on Link Publishers’ marketplace are carefully analyzed before listing. So, you can expect high authority links only.

Sign up with Link Publishers now and start building your backlink profile.

Wrapping Up

Buying backlinks is not illegal. In fact, it’s a fast way to build your backlink profile, boost your search ranking, and grow your business, provided you follow the best practices. Otherwise, you might end up getting penalized by Google.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up on reliable guest posting marketplaces such as Link Publishers and start buying high authority backlinks.


Is it legal to buy backlinks?

Yes, it is completely legal to buy backlinks. As long as you qualify the links as qualified with a rel= “nofollow” or rel= “sponsored” attribute value to the tag, you’re not violating any guidelines. However, follow the best practices when buying backlinks to avoid any repercussions from Google.

How do you buy backlinks?

Buying backlinks is easy. You need to identify the best vendors who sell backlinks, compare them based on multiple factors, shortlist the best ones, and start buying backlinks.

Does buying backlinks work?

Yes, buying backlinks definitely works. In fact, it works better than organic link building as you save a lot of time and resources, which you can invest in your other core tasks.

What is the best place to buy backlinks?

There are multiple options available when it comes to buying backlinks. However, one that you can rely on is a link-building marketplace: Link Publishers.

They have a pool of 60,000+ websites, all of which are vetted and trustworthy. Also, they sell backlinks at highly competitive prices.

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