Whether you call them edu links, EDU, .edu, or EDU TLDs, backlinks generated from edu websites are of premium quality. They show a lot of value and trust. And that’s the reason why backlink edu gov plays such a crucial role in SEO. 

If you buy edu backlink, it will help you build links to these amazing websites. This can make even the most seasoned link-building professionals happier than during their college education. However, if you are not yet aware of the power of edu backlink sites, you will miss all that! 

So, if you don’t know how to get a .edu backlink, this blog is for you. How could someone new to link-building opportunities find edu links? Do you have any edu link building ideas? 

You’ll get answers to all your questions here. Don’t forget to have an edu backlink checker handy. This can be helpful from an SEO perspective.  

Before you start identifying the best edu linking opportunities and trying to get edu links, it is crucial to understand why they have such a huge significance.  

Some people believe the reason behind such a craze is the question ‘how to get edu links?’ among SEO professionals is because Google prefers these types of links more as they belong to the edu domains. 

However, experts believe something quite the opposite from this when it comes to the popularity of the question ‘how to get .edu links’ or ‘how to find .edu links.’ They think that the true value of edu backlinks lies in that they belong to genuine and authoritative websites on the internet. 

Whether you buy edu links or acquire free edu links, all sites with edu domains have the highest authority as they have been around for a long time and have multiple high-quality sites linking to them. Most of these sites are considered authoritative by Google and boost edu link SEO. Hence, building backlinks from such websites is regarded as one of the most effective SEO strategies! 

Edu blogs are surely one of the most high-end categories for guest posting. You can get permission from them to publish your content on such extraordinary edu blogs with backlinks directed towards your websites, helping your website get more promotions and viewers.

However, it is very important to use the right keywords to ensure you access only high-end edu blogs and not random ones. Some of the potent search terms for finding the best edu blogs for backlinking are: “write for us” + site:.edu, site:.edu blog “write for us”, write for us .edu, edu blogs + write for us, edu blog + write for us, and edu guest posts. 

Acquiring an edu backlink from an accredited and high-class school or university is not something easy. But if you can get one, it’s surely worth it. Google ensures that it understands each good link’s importance and acts accordingly; they don’t treat all links the same way. 

Some links should be valued more as trustworthy and have more authority. And the category of edu links is one such pronounced one. So, if you get backlinks from them, it can surely impact your SEO and take your website’s authority to the next level. The process of building powerful edu backlinks can be considered both science and art. If you want to become successful, you need to have the correct mindset.  

You shouldn’t pitch guest blogs at a tremendous rate and only anticipate picking certain nice edu backlinks. This is not the right way. Rather, your goal needs to be to build great relationships with website managers and/or the organization’s staff. With that being said, we will discuss the best SEO strategies and how you can build edu links.  

Below are those effective ways to acquire edu links: 

Get Yourself Registered on Resource Pages 

One of the best ways to acquire edu backlinks is to include your name in the ‘resource pages’ of educational organizations. There are a lot of educational institutions which have resource pages. This is just like a blog page. The difference lies in that topics in resource pages are not centered around a specific niche like most blogs. Education resource pages have multiple niches like partners, students, staff, etc. 

If you can figure out a perfect organization with a community where your expertise can provide value, you can start pitching them a piece of content. Here’s how you can find these opportunities: 

Navigate through Google and type in: site:.edu + niche keyword + inurl: resource. When you do so, you will get a list of websites with .edu domains that have resource pages and post content similar to your niche or the keyword you typed in. 

Explore their previous blogs and posts to understand better what kind of content they like. Next, please find the email address of the contact manager and pitch them! 

Offer Rebates to Students and Staff 

Who doesn’t like a discount? 

Everyone does, right? You can offer discounts to students and staff of the educational organizations. If you execute this tactic, there are a couple of benefits. Many colleges and universities have specified pages on their website which showcase the places from which the students and staff of those organizations get discounts. This can be an appealing way to get the edu link you desire. 

If you offer some discounts, you will be able to boost your sales. The only thing you should have is a physical product or service that must attract students and staff. If you have got these, you are great to go! If you want to start finding discount pages from edu organizations, navigate towards Google and type in the below terms:

  • site:.edu “discounts”
  • site:.edu “student discounts”
  • site:.edu “staff discounts”

Now open up some pages and check out the offers listed on the page. No, create an offer that is good for that page and contact the person responsible for managing the website. Let them know about your discount, and you are done! 

Mention the Names of Prominent Edu Bloggers in Your Content

You can find a lot of bloggers out there who consistently write for their school or college websites. These bloggers spend a lot of time producing content, but they are not appreciated often. But you can make a difference here. You can change the scenario and get yourself a high authority edu backlink.

First, identify the bloggers for institutional and educational websites to start with the process. Mostly, you will find their work on the website’s resource pages and in the college blogs. 

You can prove this strategy is successful by mentioning the blogger’s name most naturally. Once you have published the blog and mentioned the edu blogger, you should instantly contact them. Ask for their email address and inform them that you have mentioned their name in your blog.  

Also, you should ensure to write how excellent their article was. And that’s the reason you have decided to link yourself to the article and give them the full credit. What’s more, make it a point to finish the email by informing them that they are allowed to share your blog on their social media network or website.  

Broken link building is one of those link-building strategies which is not preferred. It is an effective method through which you can do high-end link placements while also boosting your digital presence. You can succeed in this method by following two crucial steps: finding good broken links and using meaningful content to replace those links. 

Ahrefs is the best tool that you can use for this purpose. You can use this tool to find out the broken links, check out what kind of content is available there, recreate the same kind of content in your own words, include your link within that piece, and let the website owners of educational organizations know about the broken links on their platforms. Also, inform how you have created a piece of content to contribute to that part and get your content published there! Isn’t it easy? You’ll effortlessly get an edu link.

Link Publishers to build edu backlinks

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The Bottom Line 

What are you waiting for?              

Contact us today and practically attain those excellent .edu backlinks you have always dreamt of owning. Be proactive, and nobody can stop your website from becoming one of the most authoritative ones in your niche. 

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