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How to Build Backlinks and Establish Your Website’s Authority (Benefits of Backlinks)

Website authority establishes your business as credible and trustworthy in the digital landscape. It gives your website an excellent impression to online users, which can help you increase sales and leads! Fortunately, you can improve your authority score by focusing on link building.

SEMrush even shared that almost all (92.3%) of the 100 top-ranking websites had at least one backlink that improves authority and trustworthiness. And in the same survey, 50% of websites without at least one backlink never reached the first page. With these statistics, you can see how powerful a backlink is to your SEO performance and how it can help your website’s authority improve according to search engine standards.

In this article, you’ll learn how to elevate your website’s authority by implementing an effective link building strategy.

Importance of Website Authority 

The Importance of Website Authority 

➡️ Learning The Concept of Website Authority

In the context of SEO, website authority means the trustworthiness and authoritativeness of your website in the eyes of search engines like Google. Remember that a higher authority means you have higher chances of ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs). 

Many factors affect your website authority, such as link building, content creation, and technical issues. Nonetheless, you need to know the importance of improving your website authority. 

➡️ Domain Authority (DA) vs Page Authority (PA) 

You should also know the difference between domain authority (DA)  and page authority (PA). Domain authority refers to how a website will rank in SERP depending on the number of linking root domains and the total number of backlinks. 

On the other hand, page authority (PA) means how well a specific page will rank in the SERP. PA will assess the strength of a page within a domain. 

The Relation Between Link Building and Website Authority

Good news, you can improve your website’s authority through the benefits of link building! Here are the reasons how link building elevates your website’s authority: 

➡️ Search Engine Rankings

In the eyes of search engines like Google, links are a vote of confidence or a referral. In the real world, links can be attributed as recommendations from someone you know. For instance, a friend recommended a good clinic for your health, and that is what you call a backlink. 

The more recommendations you have, the more trustworthy your website is. The impact of links can also influence your rankings on the SERP. When Google assesses a link, here are the criteria you need to consider:

  • Relevance – These are the links relevant to your niche. For example, if your business is about technology, you need to look for guest blog sites related to gadgets. 
  • Authority – These links came from high-authority websites or well-known websites in the digital landscape. For example, reliable sites like,, etc. 
  • Anchor Text – It is clickable text to help search engines understand the blog’s content. 
  • Context – The link context refers to the location of where you put the link whether in the sidebar, footer, or the main body. 

➡️ Domain Authority (DA)

Domain authority refers to your website’s ability to rank in the SERPs. Link building can also directly influence it because links can make your website more authoritative and trusted. 

So, when you have a high number of backlinks from a reputable website, you will rank on the first page and improve your online visibility. If done right, you can see more link building benefits, which will eventually help your business grow.

➡️ Referral Traffic

Imagine that your small business got mentioned or interlinked by a popular blog site, and most of the blog site’s regular visitors will click on the link to your website. It means more traffic and possible clients for your business. That traffic is called referral traffic. 

It also improves your website authority because you were mentioned by a reliable website, which makes it look more credible and trustworthy according to search engine standards. 

Aside from organic search, you can also attract a new stream of visitors that can help your business grow in the long run. That’s why it’s essential to learn the importance of link building in modern SEO for better performance. 

➡️ Enhancing User Experience and Engagement

Yes, link building in SEO can also enhance user experience and improve engagement! 

Quality backlinks can attract more online users, making them more interested in and engaged with your website’s content. They may navigate multiple pages on your website. They can also share your content or perhaps share the link to your website on their social media accounts. 

This will allow you to prove your website authority to Google, who will trust your website as an expert within your niche. 

Competitive Edge

Focusing on link building in SEO can also give you a competitive edge against competitors using tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush. By doing competitor research and strategizing for effective link building, you can build a strong backlink profile.

Using SEO tools, you can check factors such as backlink audits, competitor backlink analysis, and brand mentions. Once you have the necessary information, you can implement your strategy to improve your link profile. 

After doing your backlink audit, you can improve your website authority and make your website more trustworthy according to Google’s standards.  

Why Improving Your Link Building Leads to Better Website Authority

Moz shared that if you want to earn trust and authority from search engines, you need to prioritize link acquisition. You will need links from reputable websites while focusing on the E-E-A-T element, which stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

That said, you need to learn why improving your link building leads to better website authority. 

➡️ Improved Visibility and Exposure

As you implement the right strategies for link building in SEO, you will get links from reputable websites. These links will signal to Google that your website is credible within your niche, and Google will decide to show your web pages in the top results. 

When you’re part of the top result, you’ll be able to enhance your visibility and may get more traffic that can lead to sales! So, there is a correlation between backlinks and improvised visibility. 

After all, websites with backlinks have more chances to rank in the SERP because of higher website authority. 

➡️ Indexing and Crawling

Link building can also help with the technical side of your SEO: indexing and crawling. 

If a page is used as an interlink, the crawlers will follow these links to index the page accurately and quickly. A quicker indexing process may increase engagement because your new content is immediately published! 

In addition, it will improve your website authority because crawlers will find your web page interlinked with an authoritative website. All in all, professional link building will also improve your website authority. 

➡️ Keyword Rankings

Indeed, link building can also improve keyword rankings because of anchor texts in backlinks. Anchor text is a clickable word, and when you use it as an interlink, you will give search engines an idea about the content of your webpage. If you use this strategically, you can improve your link building in SEO and gain more visibility. 

For example, using the keyword “cleaning service near me” as your anchor text can help you rank higher for that keyword, increase visibility, and improve your website authority score. 

You can also use long-tail keywords to improve your overall link-building strategy. These keywords will give you a more specific target audience and lead to a conversion rate that will help your business grow. 

➡️ Authority and Expertise

In the SEO industry, perceived authority and expertise are earned. You have to work hard to establish your business in the digital landscape. 

One way you can do this is to improve your link-building efforts. When you have links from reputable websites, Google will see your website as credible, too. In addition, your perceived expertise will also improve as you have the vote of confidence. 

If you have established authority and expertise, you will encourage others to share your blogs, websites, and social media for more engagement. 

➡️ Brand Awareness and Relationship Building

When your site is linked to multiple sources, you can increase brand awareness in the digital world and have a higher chance of attracting the right customer. Of course, the impact of links has something to offer to make your brand more well-known. 

Link building can make you more reputable and famous in digital SEO by allowing you to contact other experts in your niche community. It will also allow you to foster relationships and partnerships that can help your website’s authority. 

Link Building Strategies shared that link building can help your online marketing campaign by implementing effective strategies. It can maximize the benefits of link building to improve the website’s authority. Here’s how you can do it: 

➡️ Content Creation and Marketing

Focusing on high-quality and shareable content should be your primary goal when building links in SEO! 

When creating content for your SEO campaign, such as blog articles, infographics, or videos, you need to focus on quality. You want to make it attractive to other industry experts, bloggers, or journalists so they can link to your work. 

High-quality content will give you the opportunity for effortless link acquisition because online users will naturally use your web pages or blog articles as their sources, which will improve your overall authority. 

➡️ Outreach and Social Media Networking

When doing professional link building, you need to connect with other industry experts and build relationships. This will build trust and credibility within your niche, which will encourage others to trust your brand. 

Additionally, you can use social media to build your links and gain loyal customers, which can make your website more authoritative. Nonetheless, reaching out is part of backlinking, and the best way to utilize this is to be professional with your partners for a better industry reputation. 

➡️ Utilizing Tools and Analytics

Most importantly, you must utilize SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Google Analytics to track and strategize your link building efforts. 

After knowing the next steps you should do, you will be able to improve your link building which will then positively impact your website’s authority. Also, when using the SEO tools, look for these metrics: competitor’s backlinks, toxic links, and broken links to do your link audit. 

Finally, remember to analyze your backlink profile to know what to do for your SEO plan. 

Link building is still relevant to your overall SEO strategy because aside from increasing your organic search, you can also improve your website authority. As an SEO specialist, give importance to your off-page SEO because it can also help businesses expand their reach in the digital world. 

Most importantly, follow effective link-building strategies to fully understand the benefits of links in modern SEO. 


What is the Future of Link Building?

The future of link building will focus more on quality than quantity because content is much more important for search engines. You can also use AI for content creation, as it can speed up the production process.  However, be mindful of using AI as you need to make your content follow the E-E-A-T standard. 

What are the benefits of link insertion?

The benefit of link insertion is to add your links to relevant and existing content that is already authoritative and indexed. It can lead to a more enhanced site authority and search engine rankings that can help you gain more organic searches, leading to more sales. 

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