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Are Backlinks Important in 2024?: Secrets Revealed!

The digital landscape is highly competitive! Businesses do compete daily in the top 10 Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Neglecting to update your SEO will decrease your keyword visibility and reduce your organic search, making your website harder to find.

Indeed, as a business owner, you must avoid this by keeping yourself updated with SEO trends because they give you an edge over your competitors, maintain high traffic, and establish your business as a pioneer in your niche.  So, read on to learn how to modernize and adapt your backlinking strategy to keep your link building relevant and effective.  

The short answer is that backlinks are not dead. They have evolved in importance and are still needed for a comprehensive SEO strategy.  Along with technical SEO and content creation, you still need backlinks to make your SEO successful. 

In addition, search engine algorithms have become more sophisticated. Search engines now consider the quality and relevance of backlinks, which means having the most links are insufficient to rank higher and increase visibility. 

Why Do Links Still Matter

Search Engine Land explained that backlinks are not losing relevance in modern SEO; instead, you need to rethink your strategy to improve the backlink’s function. Additionally, Search Engine Land explained that link-worthy content, leveraging unique and proprietary data, and leaning into what’s currently newsworthy or trendy is essential for backlinks. 

👉 Google’s ‘Mentioned in’ SERP feature

‘Mentioned in’ is a Google feature initially observed for branded searches and later for non-brand queries. The feature will display publications where a brand has been mentioned or linked.

This feature indicated credibility for online users, highlighted reputable websites, and, most importantly, supported Google’s E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness)standards. 

For this reason according to Google, the more mentions you have, the more credibility you have because of the “Mentioned in” SERP feature.

Backlinking can still make your website more visible! 

Despite the numerous changes in modern SEO and talks about backlinking being dead, seeing results from your backlinking efforts is still relevant and possible. Why? Backlinking is still one of the most critical factors for ranking your website.

You can get referral traffic from getting mentioned by other websites and improve your overall authority according to Google’s guidelines.  Indeed, once you do your backlinking efforts right, you’ll see multiple benefits. 

👉 2024 Google Ranking Factors by SEMrush Study

In the latest study, SEMrush analyzed 300,000 results to find the ranking factors for different websites. Of course, one of them is link building. 

According to SEMrush, earning backlinks is vital to ranking higher on SERP pages. It can also improve authority and increase referral traffic, which can help your overall SEO performance. 

The latest study proves that your backlinking efforts should still be present when planning for your SEO master plan. In doing so, you’ll be able to rank higher in SERP and increase your business revenue! 

Google is still working hard to combat fake and spammy backlinks. If backlinks are dead, why does Google want to remove toxic links? 

This alone can explain why you should still look after your link building efforts. As such, you’ll be able to improve your overall SEO strategy. After all, Google algorithm updates are constantly changing, so make sure to make an effort to keep your backlink profile healthy.

Finally, maintaining a healthy backlink profile will protect the value of natural, high-quality links across the web.

Looking forward to the future in the SEO industry, I can help you adapt to backlinking. Since the SEO industry is an ever-evolving landscape, you must know how to adjust to the possible changes. In this section, you’ll learn how the backlink will evolve. 

As an SEO specialist, you need to anticipate the changes in search engine algorithms and their impact on backlinks. With this, you can better develop strategies to make your backlinks more effective. Here’s what you need to know: : 

Prioritizing Links from Reliable Sources – Google is now more strict about the sources of your links. Google wants to see that you get links from reliable sources like, LinkedIn, Quora, etc. 

Quality Should be Your Top Priority – Google does not care about how many links your websites have; rather, Google wants to see the link quality of your link profile. So, when planning your backlink strategy, only consider websites with credibility and established trustworthiness. 

User-Experience is also Important – Google also considers a website based on user experience metrics like click-through rates and bounce rates. These metrics are essential for relevance and authority because websites with more traffic where your links are located will drive more traffic. 

After knowing the anticipated changes in search engines, it’s time to develop strategies to adapt your backlink to these changes.

Put Heavier Emphasis on Content Quality – Content creation is crucial for your backlink strategy because you must create blog articles or guest posts showing your website’s credibility. To do so, you can hire professional writers for a well-curated article. 

Build Genuine Relationships – In this modern SEO, building genuine relationships can make your backlink efforts more successful. Aside from just doing a transactional outreach, why not be open to more collaboration opportunities? With this, you can expand your network within your niche. 

Link Profile Should be Diverse – Google wants to see a diverse and natural link profile because it looks more genuine. Hence, you need to have a diverse link source from guest posts, social media, directories, infographics, and influencers. A diverse profile can help your traffic but also prevent algorithm penalties! 

Monitor and Adapt Your SEO Performance – SEO is an ever-changing industry, so you must monitor and adapt your SEO performance occasionally.

It’s better to use AI tools to track the essential metrics and use these metrics to do backlink audits. As a result, you’ll see positive results from your diverse link profile. 

Backlink Trends and Strategies

After learning about the role of backlinks in modern SEO, it’s time for you to think of the trends and strategies that will keep them effective for your business. Here’s what you should do:

Learning the current state of backlink strategies can help you adapt to the changes in modern SEO. In addition to traditional link building strategies like guest blogging, email outreach, and infographics, you can adapt these strategies to the latest trends to make them more effective. 

In doing so, you can keep your backlink profile effective compared to your competitors. To be updated, read articles, watch SEO videos, or attend SEO courses to learn the SEO strategies that can help your business in an ever-changing landscape. 

As an SEO specialist, keeping an eye on emerging backlink trends can keep you ahead of the curve! For this reason, you need to be aware of the modern SEO trends that can keep your backlink profile effective. So,  here are some trends you need to know: 

🚀 Trend#1: Quality over Quantity 

Google’s SERP rankings guidelines have changed, and now it values quality links over quantity. For instance, if you have 50 backlinks from unreliable sites compared to a single backlink from a credible website, Google will put more value on the single backlink from a credible website. 

🚀 Trend#2: Prioritize E-E-A-T

E-E-A-T stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, and Google wants you to prioritize link quality. Google now wants your backlinks to come from knowledgeable sites with proven real-life experience and expertise in your niche. 

🚀 Trend#3: Know the On-Going Importance of Links

Backlinks are not irrelevant in modern SEO. Hence, knowing the importance of links can help you rethink and strategize your backlinking methods. So, remember that link building will still be an essential job for SEO specialists because it is still one of the significant ranking factors for modern SEO. 

Search engines are continuously evolving, affecting modern SEO.

The recent updates prioritize relevance, user experience, and trustworthiness of your backlink profile. Therefore, Google is now combating spammy and irrelevant links affecting your website’s SEO performance. 

To keep up with the trends, you need to maintain a backlink audit to disavow links and replace irrelevant links that can make your link profile healthier. 

A natural backlink profile will make your links look more genuine and professional. Google will question your backlink acquisition if it only came from one source, so ensure that your link profile is natural and diverse by getting links from different sources.

That’s why you must learn how to build your backlink profile through content marketing and email outreach. This will allow you to earn links through guest posts, blogs, and outreach to website owners, journalists, and industry experts, resulting in a healthier backlink profile. 

👉 Utilizing AI

AI is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean it can replace humans. You can utilize AI to improve your backlink acquisition and make your work more convenient. You can use tools like ChatGPT to create content for your guest posts or use AI tools to analyze your backlink profile.

AI has many opportunities as long as it’s ethical and honest. Nonetheless, train yourself to use AI tools to maximize its effectiveness. 

Benefits of Prioritizing Backlinks in Modern SEO

After implementing modern backlink strategies and trends, you can see the benefits of your efforts. In this section, you can see how prioritizing backlinks can help your business. 

👉 Improved Organic Search Rankings

Mailchimp shared that backlinks can enable website growth in different ways, one of which is improving organic search rankings. By acquiring high-quality links, your websites can climb the ranks in the SERP pages. 

As a result, you’ll have more organic searches because you have increased your website’s visibility. Remember that in modern SEO, backlinks are still considered the vote of confidence or endorsements in the digital landscape. 

👉 Enhanced Website Authority and Trustworthiness

A healthy and credible backlink profile signals to search engines that your website is trustworthy. Building a high-quality backlink profile can enhance a website’s trustworthiness in the digital landscape. 

As you prioritize your backlink efforts, you can also improve your authoritativeness based on search engine standards. 

👉 Increased Referral Traffic

Backlinks can increase your referral traffic, which can lead to more sales! 

If you build a backlink profile, people can encounter an interlink directed to your profile, which can encourage them to visit your website. This influx from getting referral backlinks can widen your audience reach and turn more clicks to conversion rate

👉 Enhanced Credibility and Authority in Niche Communities

Backlinks are a sign that your website is trusted within your niche. 

When your content is used for reference, it can show that your website is an industry expert. It can signal to other online users that your website has the credibility to function as a business. 

Backlinking can also allow you to build relationships with niche-related professionals, journalists, bloggers, and business owners. This can cultivate customer loyalty and engage more people. 

👉 Enhanced Brand Visibility and Awareness

Backlinks act as pathways to your website, encouraging people to click and engage with the hyperlink. It amplifies your business online presence and it can help you reach more audience or potential customers.

As you increase your brand visibility and awareness, you can build your online followers to establish you as a trustworthy business. In modern SEO, people are meticulous about supporting businesses regarding their legitimacy, so establish your brand to help your business grow. 

Backlinks are not dead; rather, you need to revolutionize them to adapt with modern SEO. It’s ideal for business and website owners to prioritize backlink strategies to stay ahead of the digital landscape’s competitive industry. 

Remember, backlinks are still persevering in modern SEO, so give importance to the significance of backlinks to establish a high-ranking spot in the SERP pages. 

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