We have our own success and failure stories in our life, and these incidents or stories stay in our memories. In the same way, everyone in SEO would have some fruitful or distress incidents. If you are into SEO, then you may have also gone through such memorable experiences. 

Many times SEO seems to be an easy process – finding keywords and using those in the content. But it is not easy as it seems or sounds. It is quite a challenging process that leaves everyone with their own experiences. 

SEO is a wide field, and people who are into SEO have their experiences with SEO, both good and bad. Learning about these experiences can help to enhance SEO in the future. 

People who have worked in SEO know how SEO can be beneficial and how poor SEO can damage a website. 

The memorable experiences of experts can be a learning for everyone, which can be beneficial in designing the SEO strategy

Here are:

Memorable SEO experience by SEO Industry Experts

Craig Campbell

SEO Trainer & Consultant

Craig: There are many good and bad experiences. One of the experiences was not doing enough research about keywords and niches and directly trying to jump on the outcome.

Another experience was when he was going to launch a website in a particular niche and invested money. However, failed to do a content check, and the content was plagiarized. Thus, failing to do quality checks proved to be bad for the website. 

A good positive experience is attending some of the amazing SEO events and having a lot of fun over there. 

Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz

CEO of RustyBrick

Barry: While talking about SEO experiences, Barry says he wrote a blog post about a girlfriend and mentioned his memorable moment. He says a girl uses spamming Google images with memes of her boyfriends for payback. So, it surprised him that SEO is now getting into the real world. 

He remembers that this incident got out to the press, and the boy’s family also contacted him and told him that the boy was devastated. So, it was his biggest memorable SEO experience.

Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer

Consultant & Speaker on Digital Marketing

Neal: His best experience was when his clients got the jump in search rankings. The reason for getting this success is creating content for the users. 

Dan Shure

Dan Shure

SEO Consultant

Dan: One of the most memorable experiences was getting mentioned in Rand Fishkin’s book. Another amazing experience was the post he created that was in the top 10 most traffic positions. 

Andrea Volpini

Andrea Volpini

CEO of WordLift

Andrea: In 2023, we were pleased to create a significant impact in terms of traffic, a double-digit growth probably. Also, the purchase orders of the clients went up. 

Chuck Price

Chuck Price

CEO of Measurable SEO

Chuck: Vidyard was working with a big company. They bought paid links and ranked number 1 in their category. It created buzz; however, it caught Google’s attention, and they quickly caught the paid links and put a penalty on the website.

Lily Ray

Lily Ray

Sr. Director at Amsive Digital

Where do I begin? I would say it was very memorable for me when I started to be invited to meetings with C-level executives at big brands when I was still pretty young and relatively new at SEO. I had so much imposter syndrome but slowly began to realize that the knowledge I provided was invaluable for them and their businesses. They really trusted me, and that was an empowering feeling!

Growing SEO teams and watching my teammates blossom and learn new skills has also been unforgettable.

And in terms of the actual SEO work – I think that the frantic, last-minute site migrations (or site migration cleanups) have left some permanent scars!

Bill Hartzer

Bill Hartzer

SEO Consultants

Some of my most memorable experiences were related to creating content that got media attention, and some websites (and media) mentioning my website or a post I made. Some of the content I produced and posted on my blog, for example, got so much traffic that I had to work with my web host to keep the site up and running.

Some resulted in getting natural links to the site, but some did not. But overall, I think that even though I didn’t get links from some of the media mentions, it still helped my site and my overall reputation.


When it comes to memorable experiences, everyone has good ones & bad ones, and the same goes for the SEO experiences of our experts. They have many SEO experiences, but one thing is for sure, they have learned from all their bad experiences and used these experiences to improve themselves. 

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