Lifestyle blogs are one of the easiest ways to enter the blogging domain. Whatever you do, be it cooking, fitness, traveling, or anything in between, it comes under the lifestyle blogging umbrella.

However, you need to rank higher and drive traffic to your blog to outshine established lifestyle bloggers. And that’s something guest posting can help you with. But which lifestyle guest posting websites are the best?

In this blog, we’ll discuss the primary benefits of guest posting and practical ways of finding lifestyle guest posting sites. In addition, you’ll find a refined list of lifestyle guest posting sites in the end. So, read in full.

How Guest Posting Can Help Your Lifestyle Blog or Business?

Here’s how:

Higher Ranking

Guest posting is a popular method of link building. When you publish guest posts on 3rd party websites, a link in the post redirects users from that website to yours. The more the backlinks (high quality), the stronger the backlink profile.

Now, Google takes your backlink profile into consideration when deciding which website to rank for different search queries. So, having a strong backlink profile would increase your chances of ranking higher in the SERPs.

Increased Brand Awareness

When you rank higher, more users see your website. And this translates to increased organic traffic. Also, posting guest posts on popular lifestyle guest posting sites will promote your content to their audience, driving referral traffic to your site. This way, you can attract more eyeballs and increase your brand awareness.

Opportunities to Collaborate

Guest posting helps you connect and network with established lifestyle bloggers. You can build long-term relations and explore potential opportunities to collaborate over time.

Best Write For Us Lifestyle Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Sr NoWebsiteDomain AuthorityAhrefs TrafficClick Here
1https://vivagla*********.com515,100Visit Here
2https://blo******.com9336,800Visit Here
3https://zer******.com6620,300Visit Here
4https://cele****.com6855,800Visit Here
5https://techn*******.com579,900Visit Here
6https://thefash*******.com7145,700Visit Here
7https://fash********.com6418,700Visit Here
8https://psy*****.org5021,700Visit Here
9https://gud*****.com661,02,900Visit Here
10https://lifebey**********.com5325,900Visit Here
11https://moviet**********.com706,500Visit Here
12https://insta******.com557,800Visit Here
13https://angl******.net6417,000Visit Here
14https://organiz**********.com597,700Visit Here
15https://aspi******.com6433,600Visit Here

3 Practical Methods of Finding Lifestyle Guest Posting Sites?

Using simple search queries, you can find many guest posting websites in any niche, including lifestyle. Here are some keywords you can use:

Lifestyle blog + write for us, lifestyle blogs + write for us, lifestyle blog + write for us + pay, lifestyle + write for us paid, lifestyle + write for us, write for us + lifestyle guest post, write for us + lifestyle blog, healthy lifestyle + write for us, coral lifestyle magazine + write for us and technology is being explored in lifestyle + write for us.

One searching for a lifestyle blog + write for us, here’s what we got:

lifestyle write for us queary searched on google

You can try all of the given keywords and prepare a respectable list of lifestyle guest posting sites to choose from.

2. Competitor Research

Another easy way to identify lifestyle guest posting sites is via competitor research.

By analyzing the backlink profile of your competitors, you can find domains linking to their sites. Most of these domains will be lifestyle guest posting sites where your competitor has published their guest post. You can approach the website owners and ask them to publish your guest post. As they published posts from your competitors, they’ll likely publish yours as well.

Pro Tip: You can use the free Backlink Checker from Ahrefs to analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles.

3. Leverage Social Media

After publishing their guest posts, bloggers often share the links on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Using keywords as simple as “lifestyle guest posts,” you can find social media posts and, thus, guest posting sites in the lifestyle niche.

In addition, you can join guest posting communities and groups on Reddit, Quora, and Facebook to identify guest posting opportunities. However, it’s recommended to add some value to the community and help community members before you seek anything.

By now, you should have a pretty huge list of lifestyle guest-posting sites. However, the question here is which one should you choose to ensure maximum benefits? Let’s find out below.

How to Determine Which Lifestyle Guest Posting Site is Reliable?

Here are some factors to consider to help you choose reliable guest posting sites:

1. Niche

lifestyle is an extremely vast niche. From productivity, career advice, fashion, and fitness to travel, everything comes under lifestyle. However, the audience for each sub-branch is different. So, look for websites that post content in a sub-branch you specialize in. This will help you deliver more value to the audience and thus engage better.

2. Website Authority

Backlinks you generate from guest posting build your backlink profile. However, if the backlinks come from highly authoritative sites, they’ll bring more value to your site. And this translates to a higher reputation in Google’s eyes.

So, go for high-authority websites only. To determine if the website has high authority, check for its Domain Authority (DA), Domain Rating (DR), and Page Rank (PR). The higher the values, the higher the authority.

3. Content Quality

If a guest posting site publishes high-quality content only, its reputation will be higher among the readers. Also, the readers would trust the content. And publishing your guest post on such a website will boost your content’s credibility as well. So, look for guest posting sites that publish high-quality content.

What does high-quality content look like, you may ask? Well, if the content is well-formatted, easy-to-read, error free, and insightful (has stats or data), it’s high quality.

4. Website Traffic

Guest posting sites are only good if they have tons of monthly traffic. Huge monthly traffic means more visitors, which further increases the likelihood you getting more visitors.

So, look for guest posting sites that receive decent monthly traffic. To check the monthly traffic, you can use Similarweb.

Now you can compare the guest posting sites better and make a better decision. However, the work is only half done. Once you compare the websites you’ll have to reach out to each website owner with a personalised email and several follow-ups and wait for their reply.

And once you get a response (which is unlikely), you’ll have to create content, based on their guidelins. Sounds like too much work, right?

But there’s a better solution: Link Publishers. Let’s learn how Link Publishers can help.

Link Publishers is a popular guest posting marketplace that makes guest posting a breeze. They allow you to buy guest posts from a pool of 60,000+ highly credible guest posting sites.

Sign up on their platform, apply filters, choose the guest posting site, upload the content, pay, and you’re done. Yes, it’s that easy. If you don’t have a writer, you can hire one from Link Publishers. This way, you can make the most of guest posting without investing much resources.

Is lifestyle a good niche for blogging?

Any niche that has tons of readers is good for blogging. And fortunately, there’s a lot of demand for lifestyle content out there. Considering the diverse sub-niches in the lifestyle niche, the audience is pretty vast. So, yes, lifestyle is a good niche for blogging.

How do you write a good guest post?

Always focus on delivering value. When writing a guest post, make sure it solves a problem or appeals to your target audience. Also, make sure the content is up-to-date, original, free from grammatical and factual errors, engaging, and easy to read. Another thing you can do is follow the guest posting guidelines. This will help you create a piece that aligns with the guest posting site’s requirements.

Does guest posting work?

While guest posting has been there for a long time, it doesn’t mean it has lost its charm. As stated earlier, guest posting can help you rank higher and expose your brand to a wider audience. However, always remember to follow white-hat link-building practices and be patient, as guest posting is a marathon, not a sprint.

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