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How To Find The Best Guest Blogging Opportunities In 2024?

Marketers and SEO experts know how to choose the right topic and create quality content for their guest posts. But one thing they struggle with is finding relevant guest blogging opportunities.

If you’ve faced the struggle, too, this blog is here to help.

Starting from the basics, this blog talks about what guest posting is and what benefits it brings along with the top guest blogging opportunities in 2024.

In addition, you’ll find common mistakes marketers must avoid to make the most of their guest blogging strategies.

So, read in full.

What is Guest Blogging, and What are Its Benefits?

Guest posting or guest blogging is the process of posting your blogs on other websites. The goal here is to promote your brand on other websites and boost brand awareness.

Let’s learn what benefits guest blogging brings:

Brand Awareness

When you post content on popular guest blogging websites that receive tons of monthly traffic, you’re basically pushing your content in front of more eyes.

This way, your content and brand get noticed, contributing to better brand awareness. Customers are more likely to buy from a website they know about.

Authority and Credibility

Creating authentic content pieces and publishing them on high-authority websites can help boost your reputation in the industry.

Let’s say you create an insightful blog and get it published on a high-authority website. The fact that your content exists on a high-authority website proves your content is also high authority.

In addition, if your content is valuable and relevant to your target audience, your website will become a source of credible information for your readers. This will boost your credibility and attract new readers to your blog.

Boosts SEO

Guest blogging is an effective link-building technique.

When you publish guest posts on other websites, there’s a link in your content that redirects readers to your website.

This link, aka backlink, carries the link juice or value from that website to yours and boosts the credibility and authority of your page in Google’s eyes.

As Google considers backlinks an important factor in ranking, it eventually improves your SEO, and thus ranking.

Drives Organic Traffic

Just by posting content on multiple high-authority websites that receive plenty of traffic, you can experience a decent spike in organic traffic.

Also, as guest blogging improves, SEO i.e., search ranking, your website/blog will start to rank higher in SERPs, boosting your organic traffic and, thus conversions.

Building Relations

Guest blogging requires you to reach out to fellow bloggers in your industry with your request. This helps build relations and networks with reputed bloggers in your industry, leading to potential collaborations in the future.

Top Guest Blogging Opportunities in 2024

1. Google Searches

Performing Google searches is an effective way of finding guest blogging opportunities. You just need to use the right keyword combinations, and you’ll have plenty of websites to choose from. Here are some combinations you can use:

  • Your keyword “guest post”
  • Your keyword “write for us”
  • Your keyword “guest article”
  • Your keyword “guest post opportunities”
  • Your keyword “want to write for”
  • Your keyword “submit blog post”
  • Your keyword “submit an article”

Let’s say you sell payroll software. So, your keyword would be something like “payroll software.” Now, you can combine this keyword with the above keywords. We searched for payroll software “write for us,” and here’s what we got:

snapshot of searched payroll software write for us on google to find best guest Blogging Opportunities

A simple Google search led us to many websites accepting guest posts. Imagine how many more websites you get when you keep changing the search terms. Just try different combinations and create an extensive list of websites that you can sort later.

Another way of finding guest blogging opportunities is by identifying prolific bloggers in your industry. Every industry has numerous prolific bloggers who regularly post blogs and garner thousands or even more views. Common examples in the marketing industry include:

  • Neil Patel
  • Mark Traphagen
  • Jeff Bullas
  • Tony Right
  • Brian Harnish
  • Jenny Halasz
  • Kevin Indig
  • Robyn Johnson
  • Adam Riemer

Identify the most popular bloggers in your industry and enter the keyword “guest post by” along with their names in Google. You’ll get a list of websites where their guest posts are published. And it’s highly likely those websites will accept guest posts from you as well.

If your competitors are doing a good job building backlinks, you can copy their strategy.

Sign up on SEMrush to use their Backlink Analytics tool. Once you’re signed up, enter your competitor’s domain, hit analyze, and head over to referring domains. You’ll get a list of all the domains that link back to the competitor’s website.

screenshot of the semrush backlink analytics

These referring domains are your guest blogging opportunities. How? Well, if they accept guest posts from your competitors, it’s likely they’ll accept them from you as well.

4. Social Media Searches

Most guest posters or bloggers share their posts on social media channels for additional exposure. And you can use this in your favor.

Just visit social media websites such as Twitter or Facebook and search for the keyword “guest posts. “This search query will return all the posts where people are promoting or talking about guest posts. Just follow the links to discover which websites are accepting guest posts.

Pro Tip: You can also use this search query for more refined results: “your industry” + “guest posts.”

5. Join and Contribute to Online Communities

There are tons of communities and groups online that talk about link building, guest posting, or digital marketing in general. Once you find and join these communities, you must actively engage with fellow marketers and contribute to the community to win trust.

Once you’ve built enough of a reputation, you’ll find several guest blogging opportunities heading your way. Also, the more people know you, the higher the chances of them accepting your guest posting request if there’s a requirement.

Here’s a community on Reddit that might help:

screenshot of reddit Communities for guest post

You can find communities related to guest posts on other platforms as well, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, and more.

6. Ahrefs Content Explorer

Ahrefs offers a great set of tools for marketers. However, this particular one can help you identify guest blogging opportunities for 2024.

We’re talking about the Ahrefs’ Content Explorer. Just sign up and enter a phrase relevant to your business or niche, select “in title” from the drop, and enter search.

snashot of ahrefs content exlporer

Once you see the results, select these filters

  • one page per domain
  • exclude homepages
  • exclude subdomains

After that, you’ll see all the blogs that have published content on the phrase you entered. Now, if you create high-quality content that cuts through the noise, it’s likely that these websites will accept guest post submissions from you.

Reverse image search is a pretty unique method to find guest blogging opportunities. You need to first look for popular guest posts in your niche.

Once you find the guest posts, scroll down to the bottom, where you’ll see the image of the author. Download this image, open Google, and click “Search by Image”.

This will help you find all the pages where the image was used, which means all the pages where that author has submitted their guest posts. You can then contact these websites and pitch your guest post.

8. Guest Post Marketplaces (Choose reliable ones)

This is perhaps the most effective answer to how to find guest blogging opportunities. Guest post marketplaces are platforms with a pool of websites offering guest blogging opportunities. They allow you to buy guest posts without having to invest any additional resources.

Take Link Publishers, for example. Link Publishers is a guest post marketplace with 70,000+ websites that accept guest posts in almost every niche. By signing up as an “Advertiser” and applying some basic filters (DA, traffic), you can identify the best websites that accept guest blogs.

linkpublishers guest post marketplace dashboard

Once you shortlist the websites, you can upload the content, make the payment, and get the post published within 30-32 hours.

If you don’t have a writer, Link Publishers has plenty of native writers who can craft the content for you based on the guidelines. This way, you can place the order, upload the content, and buy as many guest posts as needed.

However, make sure to choose a reliable guest blogging marketplace like Link Publishers, which offers white-label guest posting services. All the websites you’ll find there are vetted and don’t violate any terms and conditions.

What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Guest Blogging?

1. Setting Unrealistic Goals or Having No Strategy at All

Setting unrealistic goals and leading without a strategy is something you must avoid when looking for guest blogging opportunities. Here’s why:

Let’s say you plan to get 10,000 visitors to your website within one week of publishing your guest posts. Now, that’s a pretty unrealistic goal, as generating traffic via guest posting takes a lot of time and patience.

And setting such goals is only going to bring your morale down. Something like a 10% increase in traffic over a period of a few months is a realistic expectation.

If you set realistic goals but don’t have a strategy in place, you still cannot enjoy the benefits of guest blogging.

You need to plan how you will identify guest blogging opportunities, compare the options to choose the best, create content that resonates with the target audience, and reach out with a relevant pitch that gets accepted. Doing this will help you see where you’re going and thus make the most of guest blogging.

2. Not Knowing Your Audience

Another common mistake marketers commit when guest posting is creating guest posts without keeping the target audience in mind. And then, they wonder why their guest post is not generating traffic.

Your target audience won’t read the guest post or visit your website if the content is not relevant to their intent.

Let’s say the guest blogging website’s audience likes to read about healthy eating, and you publish a guest post that talks about top weight-lifting techniques. This won’t typically resonate with your TG.

Ideally, a guest post around “How to Compliment a Healthy Diet with Simple Workouts” would do much better as the audience can relate to this.

So, when you find guest blogging opportunities, create content while keeping the target audience in mind.

3. Not Focusing on Quality

Most marketers out there create guest posts for the sake of it and ignore content quality just to save time and resources.

Their primary goal is to get as many published as possible to build links in the least amount of time. However, this isn’t a good strategy in the long run.

People have become really smart. They know how to differentiate a poor-quality blog from a high-quality one.

And if your brand’s name gets associated with a poor-quality blog, the brand reputation will be tainted, and you won’t get the expected results (traffic or conversions).

Moreover, the majority of high-authority guest blogging websites won’t approve your guest post if it is not high quality.

So, always try to create high-quality guest posts. By high quality, we mean guest posts that:

  • Add value to the target audience and answer their queries.
  • Are free from grammatical or factual errors.
  • Are easy to read and engaging.
  • Target the right audience.

4. Not Following Content Guidelines

The majority of high-authority guest blogging websites will have a set of guidelines you need to follow when creating content.

These guidelines act as a road map to help you craft content that is ideal according to the guest posting websites.

However, if you ignore these when creating content, you won’t be able to leverage the power of guest posting because the blogging website might reject your post.

So, follow the content guidelines mentioned on the guest blogging website to the T and create content accordingly.

If a guest blogging website doesn’t have content guidelines, you can go through the published blogs to understand how they’re crafted. This will help you create better content and get your guest posts published in one go.

5. Not Following Up

Outreach forms a big part of any guest posting strategy. Once your content is ready, you need to create an impactful email and reach out to the websites offering guest blogging opportunities. However, most marketers stop trying after sending an initial email, which is a mistake.

Guest blogging websites have to deal with hundreds or even more emails daily asking them to publish guest posts.

And it’s possible that your initial email or even a follow-up email gets overlooked. So, in your guest posting strategy, include 3-4 polite follow-ups before you give up on a blogger.

Pro Tip: When following up with the bloggers, make sure you come across as a genuine individual asking for updates and not a spammer. Or you may get blocked.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to find great guest blogging opportunities in 2024, it’s time to get started and take your SEO strategy to the next level.

However, keep the above mistakes in mind while guest posting to make the most of link-building and to stand out in the crowd.

In case you don’t have the necessary resources for guest blogging but want to scale your blog/business, a smart move would be to approach a guest posting marketplace. Such platforms save you time and bring effective results without requiring any unnecessary hassle.


Which platform is best for guest posting?

There are multiple websites you can refer to that offer guest blogging opportunities. To get started, you can use search operators on Google, as mentioned above in the blog.

Once you have the list ready, you can compare the available options based on content quality, domain authority, website traffic, etc. This way, you can choose the best platform or website for guest posting.

Is guest posting free or paid?

Guest posting is both free and paid. If you can invest the time to find the right websites that accept submissions, create content, and perform outreach individually, you can get guest posts published for free. However, this method requires a lot of time and effort and has a poor success rate.

You can also go for a more convenient option wherein you can buy guest posts. There are several reliable guest posting marketplaces, such as Link Publishers, that have thousands of websites that offer guest blogging opportunities.

You can choose the websites relevant to your niche, upload the content, and get your guest post published.

Is guest posting part of SEO?

Yes, guest posting is a part of SEO. It’s an effective marketing tactic that helps generate backlinks. Backlinks are one of the most important factors Google considers when ranking websites on SERPs.

So, guest posting helps you get backlinks and build a strong backlink profile, which in turn boosts your SEO.

Is guest posting easy?

Guest posting is a challenging strategy for link building and SEO, especially for beginners. After all, you need to find websites with guest blogging opportunities, compare them to choose the best, reach out to each website owner with your request, and follow up on the same.

However, with some practice and following the right strategies, you can make guest posting an easy process. Also, try to avoid the mistakes when guest blogging, as mentioned in this blog.

What is the difference between blogging and guest posting?

Blogging is when you create blogs and post them on your own website. Guest posting, on the other hand, is when you post blogs on other websites.

The primary goal of guest posting is to get backlinks from high-authority websites for better SEO.

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