Whether you want to educate pet lovers or sell pet-related products, you must rank higher, increase your brand exposure, and reach more people. One of the best ways of achieving this is by posting guest posts on high-authority pet websites.

Guest posting helps you build backlinks, which are a crucial ranking factor for Google’s search algorithm. So, when you build backlinks, your search ranking improves, and your brand is pushed to more people, increasing your brand exposure.

But how can you find pet blogs that accept guest posts? Well, this is what the blog is all about. Below, we have briefly discussed the benefits of guest posting and some practical tips for finding pet guest posting sites. In addition, you’ll find a guide to compare and decide which guest posting site is the best.

How Can Guest Posting on Pet Websites Benefit You?

Here’s how:

Reputation and Credibility

As a new pet blog owner, it’s tough to attract readers and, more importantly, win their trust. However, when you publish guest posts on reputed and high-authority websites, their readers automatically consider your content/blog as a trustworthy source of information.

Search Ranking

Having a strong backlink profile, which you can build with guest posting, can boost your search ranking. This is because Google considers your backlinks to be a ranking factor, as stated earlier.

Better Connections

Guest posting allows you to connect with fellow pet blog owners and engage with them. This can help build better connections and long-term relations, which can potentially turn into collaborations in the future.

In this blog, we will have a look at the best pet blogs that accept guest posts. And of course, it is worth posting on them. 

Sr. No.WebsiteDomain AuthorityAhrefs TrafficClick Here
1https://allther********.com5911,900Visit Here
2https://way****.com593,900Visit Here
3https://charta*****.com7112,200Visit Here
4https://apzo*****.com572,85,500Visit Here
5https://petsnu*******.com/322,500Visit Here
6https://digital*******.com8849,300Visit Here
7https://update******.com6015,000Visit Here
8https://for****.com617,900Visit Here
9https://lemon*****.com5710,600Visit Here
10https://team******.com556,000Visit Here
11https://editor*****.com751,25,800Visit Here
12https://zain****.com7323,100Visit Here
13https://aren*****.com583,500Visit Here
14https://twomonkey************.com5941,800Visit Here
15https://naturewo*******.com7034,300Visit Here

Best Methods for Identifying Pet Guest Posting Websites

Here are some methods you can try:

Google Search Operators

Using Google search operators, you can identify pet blogs that accept guest post submissions. Here are some keywords you can try:

Write for us + pets, pet blog + write for us, pet + write for us, pets write for us and get paid, pets write for us, pet health + write for us, pet care + write for us, write for us + pet, write for us + pets and animals, pet blog + write for us, pet blogs write for us, pet guest post + write for us, write for us + pets, write for us + pet, write for us + pets, write for us pet care, write for us + pet food, and write for us + pets.

On searching for write for us + pets, we got these results:

You can try the same with all the other keywords and create an extensive list of websites that accept pet blogs.

Competitor Analysis

Another method of finding pet guest posting websites is competitor analysis. You can identify and analyze your competitor’s backlink profile. This will help you find all the websites linking to your competitors. You can then approach those websites and pitch your guest posting idea.

To analyze your competitor’s backlink profiles, enter your domain in SEMrush’s Backlink Auditor tool and hit the “Start Backlink Audit” button. And within seconds, you’ll get a list of referring domains. We analyzed MOZ’s website, and here’s what we got:

You can follow the above steps and analyze your competitors. Also, if you want a free tool for backlink analysis, you can go with Ahrefs Backlink Checker.

Social Media Platforms and Groups

Individuals often share their published guest posts on social media to boost reach. You can find such posts by searching keywords like “pet guest posts” on Twitter or Facebook.

Also, multiple groups on LinkedIn, Quora, and Reddit focus solely on guest posting. You can join these groups, engage with the members, and explore guest posting opportunities.

Choosing the Best Pet Guest Posting Sites

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best guest posting sites:


Choosing the right niche when comparing guest posting websites is crucial. If you specialize in dog-related content, you may not want to publish your guest post on a website that posts generic content on all pets. Otherwise, your content will not reach as many people as it would have had you posted it on a website that posts dog-related content only.

Overall Authority

Whenever a website links to your website, there’s a certain value that the link carries to your site. Known as link juice, the higher this value is, the more benefits you can experience. To ensure your website gets the maximum link value, you must always get links from high-authority websites.

To determine if the website has high authority, you can check its Domain Rating (DR), PageRank (PR), and Domain Authority (DA). The higher these metrics are, the higher the authority.

Content Quality

Higher content quality is associated with better reputation and credibility. If you post guest posts on a website that publishes top-notch content, the value of your content will also increase and vice versa. So, I prefer websites that post high-quality content.


Websites with higher monthly traffic can expose your brand to a wider audience. This will drive referral visitors to your website and improve your brand awareness.

Guest Posting Best Practices Everyone Should Know

If you keep these guest posting practices in mind, you can substantially improve your success rate:


Keep the guidelines (mentioned on the guest posting site) in mind when creating content for the guest post. Guidelines often tell you the tone you should follow, the word limit, the writing style, and more. Following these guidelines is essential for getting your content approved.

Use the privilege to add links to your guest post wisely. Add one or two links (or as specified by the guest posting site) to your content. Also, ensure the link text is contextual and placed in the content body.


Never create a guest post to build backlinks. Your guest post should add value to the guest posting website’s audience. This way, your guest post will generate more traffic naturally.


Guest posting websites get tons of requests from individuals who want to publish their guest posts. To get a reply from them, you need to stand out. And you can do that if you personalize your email and demonstrate your subject matter expertise and idea well.

Link Publishers is a guest posting marketplace where you can legitimately buy guest posts and generate backlinks. They have a whopping collection of 60,000+ guest posting websites in every niche, including education, technology, beauty, marketing, pets, and more.

All you have to do is sign up, select reliable guest posting websites (60,000+ options), upload the content, pay, and publish your guest post. It’s that simple.

No need to find, compare, and contact website owners individually. Even if you don’t have in-house writers, you can order content from Link Publishers. This saves time, effort, and resources, which you can invest elsewhere.

Ready to enhance the way you do pet guest posting? Sign up with Link Publishers now!

How to find pet blogs that accept guest posts?

One of the easiest methods is searching for these keywords on Google:

Write for us + pets, pet health + write for us, pet blog + write for us, pet + write for us, pet care + write for us, pets write for us, write for us + pet, write for us + pets, write for us pet blog, write for us + pets and animals, pet blogs write for us, pet blog + write for us, pet guest post + write for us, write for us + pet, pet care + write for us + guest post, write for us pet care, and write for us + pet food.

What if a guest posting website doesn’t respond to my outreach?

It’s common for website owners not to respond to your email because they get hundreds or even more emails daily. However, you can politely follow up a few times (weekly) and see if they respond. Make sure your email does not come across as spam.

Is buying pet guest posts a good idea?

Yes, you can and should buy pet guest posts for link building. However, it’s essential to choose the right guest posting partner, like Link Publishers, to buy guest posts.

They have legitimate websites with 1%-30% spam scores and follow white-hat link-building practices. Choosing a reliable partner will ensure benefits and no repercussions.

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