Search engine optimization has carved a niche for itself by offering some valuable and unmatched benefits to businesses and enterprises. For businesses that want to create an authoritative presence in the digital domain, SEO is like a helpful friend that stays together during your highs and lows. One who does not leave you no matter what happens.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing crawl your websites and rank your websites accordingly. There are specific search engine SEO guidelines that you need to follow to rank your website on the top of the SERPs.

SEO professionals perform On-page and off-page SEO activities such as website optimization, content marketing, content distribution, blog page creation, and other things to ensure that your website ranks on top of the results to give you a competitive edge over your rivals.

One of the most crucial aspects of SEO is guest posting on different high-authority guest blogging websites. A guest posting website is a domain-relevant website that allows other businesses to post a guest blog on the website and, in turn, offers a backlink that helps you to drive more traffic to your website.

Guest blogging or guest posting is part of link-building activities. The more high-authority backlinks your website has, the more genuine leads you will get.

This post will discuss almost everything about guest posting, the benefits of guest posting in SEO, how to approach guest post sites, how to guest blog, and other aspects.

What is Guest posting?

If you are a digital marketer, you know what is guest blogging or posting. Blogging is one of the critical aspects to attract genuine niche relevant visitors to your website.

Guest posting or guest blogging is the extended part of blogging where you write content for other niche-relevant websites.

Here, you submit a blog to some niche relevant websites with high domain authority.

The main objectives of guest posting are:

  •   To get more relevant traffic back to your website
  •   To improve your domain authority by improving your backlink score
  •   To increase your brand’s credibility and awareness
  •   To build relationships with like-minded industry influencers and other stakeholders.

Only guest bloggers don’t benefit from guest posting. It is a win-win situation for both- guest post publishers and guest bloggers.

You can also invite other guest bloggers to write for your website too. It is a two-way street, one of the common things that guest bloggers forget in today’s times.

However, submitting a blog is not as easy as it seems. There is much more to it. We will discuss it later in this post.

Now that you know what guest posting is and what it means when you approach blogs accepting guest posts, we will discuss some of the benefits of guest posting.

What are the advantages of guest posting?

Instant exposure to your target audience

Just write an insightful article and submit a guest post on a high-authority guest posting site, and you will see traffic flowing to your website. If you do it correctly while following all guest blogging guidelines, you will see relevant, genuine traffic on your website.

Expand your network

Another benefit of guest posting is you can create a strong network of industry influencers who would love to connect with you when you are submitting valuable, insightful, and informative guest posts.

Regular guest blogging will allow you to collaborate with industry influencers and share your thoughts and insights with them.

Get more social media shares.

Do you want to expand your online reach? Social media networks can play a huge role in it. When you post more share-worthy content on your social media accounts, you will get more shares.

Improve your online authority

Probably one of the essential advantages of guest blogging is you can have an authoritative presence online. Your target audience will turn to you when they are looking for some information.

Believe me; it is one of the best things for SEO. Google will notice such things instantly, and your website ranking will improve accordingly.

Most of the guest blogging sites offer you at least one link to their website. Don’t expect any types of monetary rewards when you practice guest posting.

However, your backlink bank will flourish like anything when you regularly publish guest blogs on different high-authority websites.

Even a single backlink from an authoritative blog will give you the best value for all efforts your team has put. It will make your content more indexable and discoverable to search engines. This is what you are looking for.

Determine your guest post goals

The first thing that you need to do is to determine your guest post goals.

What are your goals?

Understand this first. When you have clear milestones in front of you, you will be able to reach there effortlessly. When you have clear guest posting goals, you would be able to approach the right kind of guest posting websites and submit suitable blog types.

Mainly, there are three types of guest blogging goals:

  • To position yourself as an authoritative domain with a reputed name in the industry
  • Get traffic back to your website
  • Building a backlink bank for your website.

Some businesses go for all three or any of these three goals. Determine what your goals are. Once you have clarity of thoughts, you will direct your efforts in that particular direction.

For example, if you want to accomplish goal 1 or 2, you need to find bogs with a highly-relevant and engaged audience.

If you want to build a backlink, you need to shortlist websites accepting guest posts with superior root domain authority.

All three goals are essential. My advice is to design a strategy that accomplishes all three goals.

Find Guest post opportunities.

Now, the most crucial part begins your journey of guest posting. It is all about finding guest posting opportunities. First of all, you need to find the best relevant guest posting sites that allow you guest posting.

Don’t rush into anything!

Have patience and find out which guest blogging websites can do wonders for you.

Before you finalize any guest posting website, ensure that the website follows some criteria:

  • Ensure that the audience is relevant and would be interested in your industry
  • Ensure that the content on your blog is about your offerings/industry
  • Social sharing of posts is satisfactory
  • The blog has a social media handle to share your posts
  • Ensure that you would be able to follow the Guest posting guidelines of the guest post sites.

Now, the million-dollar question is how to find guest posting websites.

Let us help you.

Google Searches

Google will help you with anything. You can use specific keywords, and Google will come up with the most relevant results. Some of the keywords that you can use are “industry keyword,” submit a guest post, “industry keyword” guest post for “industry” name, “industry keyword” accepting guest posts, “industry keyword,” guest post guidelines, etc.

  • Fashion “submit a guest post”
  • Health “guest post”
  • Education “guest post by”
  • Tech “accepting guest posts”
  • Finance “guest post guidelines”

You will come up with great results when you search for those specific keywords. Now, visit websites one by one and read guest posting guidelines and shortlist some of them that perfectly suit the purpose.

Identify prolific guest bloggers

If you read industry blogs regularly, you must know some of the industry influencer bloggers who repeatedly pop up in guest blogs. Now, you need to find out where these guest bloggers post their content. You can use Google again to find out relevant searches, and you will get a list of websites where to post blogs.

Some industry influencers might introduce you to the guest post marketplace owner to make things easy if you are lucky enough.

Competitor Backlinks

Most SEO professionals now perform a backlink analysis of their competitors, and it is a recommended thing. They might have backlinks from websites where they have posted their blogs.

SEO tools such as Open Site Explorer can be used to check all your competitors’ backlinks. This exercise will introduce you to the guest post blogs where your competitors are posting guest blogs.

Get your Guest Post ready.

Now that you have a list of websites that accept guest posts, you need to find the best suitable website for your guest post.

Scrutinizing guest posting websites is the first thing that you need to do.

Choose websites that have a good domain authority score and have the most relevant audience that can benefit your business.

Once you have selected a guest post websites for your post, check out its guest contributor guidelines.

It is imperative to check out guidelines thoroughly and ensure that you can follow them without any issues.

Before your guest post pitch, you can be in the excellent book of the website.

Yes, it is a practice that might offer you some good chances to get your guest post requests accepted.

You can start commenting on their blogs. You can share their posts on your social media accounts. Send an appreciation email to them explaining how a particular blog helped you.

Hire Guest Post Service

If you don’t have an in-house SEO team or guest bloggers, you can hire a guest post service provider.

Well, if you outsource your guest post project to any third-party service provider, most of the tasks discussed in this post will be performed by them only.

You can search on the internet about guest blogging services providers, and you will get plenty of options to choose from.

You can rely on professional guest post services by Link Publishers. We are one of the biggest guest post marketplaces where publishers can be found by businesses for guest posts. 

Find a perfect guest post topic.

Now, all things are done, you need to find a good, relevant guest post topic.

There are specific ways to do it.

Check out the best and most popular post on the website where you want to post a guest blog.

It is evident that these posts have performed well in terms of shares, traffic, and comments.

Now choose a relevant topic to their most popular blogs, and you will probably get an affirmative from the guest blogging sites.

Also, you can check out BuzzSumo to find out trending topics in your niche.

Furthermore, you can check out other guest posts published on the website, and you will come to know what to put in the guest post on the blog.

Send your pitch

Once you have finalized a guest post website where you want to post your blog, you need to send a pitch.

If you don’t have a content writer, hire one and make an email template that is a catchy, professional, and straightforward email template that clearly shows what you are looking for.

The pitch that you send to the guest blog website is fundamental. If you do it correctly, you will get more chances to get an affirmative reply.

Guest Post Pitch

Write your guest post.

Do you have an in-house team of content writers? If not, you need to hire professional content writing services.

You can hire professional content writing services offered by Link Publishers. We have a team of skilled content writers to come up with engaging, highly-readable, informative, and innovative content that will enthrall your target audience. 

Check out the flow of the blogs on the guest posting websites.

Your blog or article must be free from any grammatical errors and other language issues.

Ensure that you follow a specific, preferred pattern of writing that takes to the conclusion logically and efficiently.

Don’t use industry jargon if your target audience doesn’t know about it.

Once written, hire a language expert to edit your post and make it more polished and superior.

Submit your guest post with a bio.

Follow up

Once you submit a guest post, wait for a few days, and you will get a reply from the guest post marketplace.

Once the blog post is published, answer any comments that users make. Give satisfactory answers to them.

Promote your guest post by sharing them on your social media handles. You can also tag industry influencers.


So that was all about guest blogging.

It has carved a niche for itself by offering some unparalleled advantages to digital marketers and businesses.

When you design a Guest blogging strategy and follow it, there are more chances of you getting success.

Keep researching trending topics and offer insightful information to your readers, and they will surely reciprocate in return.

Link Publishers is one of the top-notch guest post marketplaces where you can find guest post websites of your business niche. All you need to do is to register there and you can start hunting for the best guest posting websites for your blog.

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