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Write For Us Real Estate: Real Estate Blogs That Accept Guest Posts!

Guest posting is one of the best methods for growing your real estate business or blog, especially if you’re new to the market. However, to use the power of guest posting, you must find the right guest posting websites in the real estate niche. That’s where this blog can help.

Below, we have discussed how guest posting can transform your real estate business, along with a list of real estate blogs that accept guest posts.

In addition, you’ll find a simple method to identify, compare, and choose the best guest posting sites for maximum benefits. So, read in full.

Why is Guest Posting Important for Real Estate Blogs?

If you don’t already know, here’s what guest posting can do:

Improve Search Ranking

As a real estate business or blogger, your goal is to drive traffic to your website and convert the audience to paying customers.

But that is not possible if you’re not ranking high enough in the SERPs, right?

However, guest posting has your back. Guest posting is one of the most common ways of building backlinks, i.e., links in the content that redirect users from a popular 3rd party website in your niche to your website.

Google considers backlinks to be an important factor when ranking websites for search queries. Backlinks are the vote of confidence to Google, indicating that your content is relevant and you’re a credible and authoritative source of information.

This enhances the chances of your website ranking higher for search queries. And when you rank higher, you drive organic traffic and eventually more conversions.

Drive Highly Targeted Referral Traffic

Driving traffic to your website is important. However, if the traffic does not include your ideal audience, you won’t get any conversions. And that’s something you’d not want to happen.

By guest posting on popular real estate websites in your niche, you’re exposing your content to your ideal target audience. They might click the link in the content and visit your website, generating highly targeted referral traffic, which is easier to convert.

Establish you as an Industry Thought Leader.

Imagine there’s a popular real estate blog, “X,” which receives tons of visitors each month. It’s extremely credible, and readers rely on the content to make important decisions related to real estate.

Let’s say you manage to publish your guest on that website. Now, when the readers find a link to your website on that blog, they’ll automatically consider your website/content as credible.

They’ll start to refer to your website for important decisions or information based on the content you post, making you a thought leader in the industry.

Building Relations and Expanding Network

As a new player in the real estate industry, it’s important to build meaningful relationships and connections that have your back when you need them. And that’s something you can do with real estate guest posting.

By publishing valuable content on guest posting websites, you can expand your network and foster long-lasting relations with industry leaders. This can lead to future collaborations and opportunities.

Discover Best Real Estate Write For Us Blogs Or Real Estate Guest Posting Sites:

Here it is: 

Sr NoWebsiteDomain AuthorityAhrefs TrafficClick Here
1https://e-*********.com8240,300Visit Here
2https://realt******.com5929,000Visit Here
3https://geek*****.com423,500Visit Here
4https://aikd******.com552,200Visit Here
5https://kra*****.com5713,600Visit Here
6https://howtod************.com5912,100Visit Here
7https://allnet********.com5914,600Visit Here
8https://next****.ca398,300Visit Here
9https://th****.co.uk556,100Visit Here
10https://thest********.com443,200Visit Here
11https://thet*******.org586,300Visit Here
12https://pino*******.com409,800Visit Here
13https://acti******.com7357,400Visit Here
14https://news*******.com612,900Visit Here
15https://apz******.com5744,400Visit Here

How do you Identify and Compare Real Estate Write For Us Or Real Estate Blogs that Accept Submissions?

Finding real estate blogs that accept guest posts is simple. Open any web browser, and search any of these keywords in Google:

Real estate + write for us, write + for us real estate, commercial real estate blog + write for us, real estate property + write for us, write for us + real estate, estate + write for us, guest posting real estate, how to write about us for a real estate company, and real estate guest posts.

Here’s what Google returned when we searched for real estate + write for us:

snapshot of searching real estate write for us on google search engine.

You can try out other search operators one by one, and eventually, you’ll have a list of real estate websites that accept guest posts.

However, the job is only half done. Not every website you find is reliable and will give you the value you’re looking for. You must compare your options based on the below factors to make the right decision:

Niche and Relevance:

When looking for real estate guest posting sites, make sure they’re relevant to your niche. If you’re a commercial real estate agent, posting a blog on a website whose audience comes there for residential properties would be a waste of time.

Overall Website Authority:

Look for metrics such as DR (domain rating), DA (domain authority), and PR (page rank) for each website. These are 3rd party metrics that indicate how authoritative or high-quality a website is. The higher the scores, the better it is for you.

Content Quality:

Your business’ reputation is directly linked to the quality of content the real estate guest posting website is publishing. If it is good, the readers will find your content high quality as well, and vice versa. So, go for websites with error-free, engaging, informational, and original content.

Website Traffic:

The more traffic a website gets the more referral traffic will your blog or website get. And more referral traffic translates to better brand awareness. So, look for websites that receive ample monthly visitors.

Link Publishers is a guest post marketplace that makes real estate guest posting a breeze. They have 60,000+ verified guest posting websites in every niche, including real estate.

Sign up on the marketplace and apply filters such as website traffic, domain authority, niche, etc. Choose the best websites based on your needs. After that, you can upload the content (or get it written by Link Publishers’ writers), make the payment, and get your guest post published within 30-32 hours.

This way, you save a substantial amount of time, which you can invest in your core operations.


How do you submit your real estate guest post?

Once you have the ideal websites at hand, you need to create content as per their guidelines. Otherwise, the website owner may not publish your guest post. After you’re done with the content, write a compelling email that stands out and politely follow up 3-4 times.

How long should a real estate guest blog post be?

The ideal length of guest posts usually varies from 800-1500 words. This range is enough to cover a topic in-depth and provide value to the readers. However, it’s recommended that you check the guidelines of each guest posting website, as the specific word count might vary from website to website.

How do I find real estate guest post sites?

One of the easiest methods is leveraging search operators. Use the given search operators in Google search, and you’ll have plenty of websites at your disposal:

Real estate blog + write for us, real estate investing + write for us, real estate + write for us + India, real estate investment + write for us, real estate + write for us + guest post, and real estate + write for us.

However, make sure you compare the websites to make the right decision.

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