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SEO For Photographers: Boost Your Photography Business

The world of photography has exploded in recent years, with more and more freelance photographers breaking into the market. Nowadays, everyone can create their website using only a few basic tools, and it doesn’t cost that much either. Unfortunately, it also means that the photography market has become clogged.

Why Is SEO For Photographers Important? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way of showing search engines that you are targeting a specific keyword or search term. If you don’t incorporate this as a photographer, your page would simply slide down, and no one would get to see it.

This limits your leads and conversions. However, good SEO would help you rank better in the Google SERP, which helps generate more clientele.

Many people starting a new business rarely focus on the ins and outs of the website. They believe that simply having a website would allow them to get more clientele, which is not true. In this article, I will share how photography SEO can help improve your search engine ranking and ensure you garner more clients and leads.

What Is SEO For Photography Websites And Why Is It Important?

Every day, hundreds of people create new websites, which vary in terms of the niches they target. Since photography has become such a large industry, especially for freelancers, the market is quickly becoming stuffed and competition is ripe among the top photographers.

SEO Photography is a means by which you target keywords and phrases in the photography niche and try to rank as high as possible for them on Google. The search engine results page or SERP for short, is the different pages on which these rank. If you don’t get yourself ranking high enough, you could miss out on plenty of leads.

Your website would simply be overlooked and pushed down the rankings, which can lead to clientele running dry. However, with the right assistance and keyword targeting practices, you could significantly improve your ranking through SEO.

How To Optimize Photography SEO – Best Tips

Thanks to experts in the field of SEO like Link Publishers, many experts can assist you in promoting your website and generating more clientele through means of ranking higher on the Google SERP. According to some of our experts, the following tips should serve you best when trying to improve your ranking.

Find The Best Keywords

photographers SEO keyword research

To start your SEO journey, you will have to start from the beginning. Finding and analyzing different keywords would be one of the best ways to improve your ranking. Once you have determined which keywords you could target, you can use different tools like Ahrefs and analyze them to see what the search volume is.

You can sporadically incorporate some of these keywords into your website and content. This will send a signal to Google that you are targeting these specific keywords. If someone searches for the keyword, your website might pop up. Photography SEO keywords are not that hard to find and make a massive difference.

Optimize Website To Make It Mobile-Friendly

Optimize Website To Make It Mobile-Friendly

More than 80% of people use their mobile devices when searching the internet. A few years back, you would probably log onto your PC and start searching, but nowadays, our mobile devices serve the purpose of minicomputers. If your website only works for PC users, you are losing out on more than 80% of clients.

By making your website mobile-friendly, more people will want to click on it and see what you offer. You can also incorporate photographer SEO into these websites, which tends to significantly boost your reach and ranking.

Website Speed And Structure

optimize website speed for photography seo

Have you ever clicked on a website, only to have it take a few minutes to load? Or you might have had to search through various pages to find what you are looking for. If this has happened, chances are that you might have clicked “back” and simply moved on to a different, more user-friendly website.

Making sure that people can easily access your website is crucial. If someone clicks on the website, it should be reasonably structured, to allow them to find what they are looking for. Additionally, you want to have a solid service provider that can keep the uptime of the website high and ensure that it is fast enough when loading.

Make the client experience important and people will return!

Create SEO Optimized Titles And Meta Descriptions

Title and meta photographer SEO

Once you start integrating your keywords, you might think you are done, but that is not always the case. When it comes to the Google SERP, plenty of weight is placed on how keywords are used in things like meta descriptions and titles. This means that the titles of your topics or sections should contain some of the keywords.

What this does is help Google determine whether your site can answer a specific query. If you incorporate the right keywords in your titles, you could feature them in the snippet section of Google, which significantly boosts your access rate. Meta descriptions give Google an idea of the content on a specific page and help rank that individual page.

Optimize Local SEO For Photographers (Google My Business)

Local seo for photographers

If you haven’t tapped into “Google My Business” or GMB, you might be losing out a bit. As a photography business, a large chunk of your business would come from the local community. Very few people are willing to drive hundreds of miles to get a good photographer. However, you can increase your reputation and eventually tap into these clients.

As a beginner, the basic free SEO guide for photographers would work, and you can use free services like GMB to help establish a presence in your local community. Instead of using keywords like “best photographer in the USA,” you can use “best photographer in Los Angeles” if that is where you reside. Start small and work your way up by building a local community of supporters, who can also help you with social media.

Create SEO Optimized And Relevant Content

Create photography SEO Optimized And Relevant Content

Spam is one of the things you should try to avoid. Many people try to churn out content as rapidly as possible, often bites them. They use AI services, which combine content from various sites and publish this as their own. Unfortunately, Google sees through this and it will see the copied content and penalize you for it.

Targeting unique content is the best way to rank an article or page. Targeting unique content would help you to show Google that you know what you are talking about. Additionally, you should try to bring something NEW to the table. Google SERP loves untapped and unique topics or insights that provide relevant assistance or value to the reader.

The best SEO for photographers will only get you so far, but relevant content is even more important as an SEO photography website owner.

Make SEO Friendly URL Structures

optimize URL structure for photographer SEO

When creating the URL for a specific page, it is another prime area for you to integrate some keywords. Much like your meta descriptions and tags, your URL is one of the other places where you can add a few keywords that would carry plenty of weight when considered by the Google SERP.

As a photography website, you should maximize this to ensure you can leverage every tip and rank as high as possible.

Image Optimization (ALT Tags)

Image Optimization Photography SEO

Images on your site are important. More than 60% of people on Earth shop with their eyes. This is why you often see billboard marketing that shows images. In the world of photography, your main service is selling images, and you will want to show off some of your previous work on your website.

However, images can be optimized for SEO using of ALT Tags. These ALT tags serve as labels that label the images when someone searches for images on Google. It is one of the best ways to add your photography SEO keywords to make sure that your website also pops up in the image section of Google or whichever search engine you are targeting.

Create Backlinks To Improve photography seo Organic Rankings

Backlinks are a show of approval from other websites and the more backlinks you have from authoritative sites, the more approval you have gained. However, you should focus on getting backlinks from relevant and high-ranking websites, which should carry more weight and help you get a few more clicks.

The best way to do this is through guest posts and there are plenty of guest post services that you can use. Link Publishers offer you the opportunity to create these guest posts and submit them for websites to use. With the work of finding good websites already done by our experts, you only need to create the content.

You can tap into the wide array of photography clientele looking to enhance their websites with valuable and relevant content.

Set Up Google Analytics (GA4) And Search Console

If you have been following these tips, your website should already be up and running. You might have incorporated the right keywords and done the research. However, keeping track of how you website is doing, especially demographic, is vital. No work is ever complete with a good website and it needs constant tweaks.

Google Analytics (GA4) and Google Console focus on getting as much data from your site as possible. It presents the data in easy-to-read formats, giving you an idea of your website. You can use the information and data to make changes and tweaks that improve your websites and enhance the overall efficacy.

Improve Visibility With Social Media

Finally, social media has been on a constant rise and anyone avoiding it is doing a disservice to their business. More than half the world uses various forms of social media and more than 90% of your local community is using social media if you live in the United States. Why not tap into this form of marketing?

You can use social media, either paid advertisements or free posts, to enhance the visibility of your site. This allows more people to see the site, which inevitably helps you create more leads.

How Do Photographer SEO Services Help Your Website?

As you can see, establishing a good website takes plenty of time and patience, not to mention work. Not everyone has this time and patience, which is why there are plenty of SEO services such as Link Publishers that can do the bulk of the work for you.

Link Publishers can help you establish and set up your website, whilst using our free guest posting services to help you get in touch with authoritative websites. Not only does this establish more trust with the Google SERP, but it gets your site in front of more eyes.

If you don’t want to go through all the hassles of doing this yourself, SEO services for photographers like Link Publishers can help you. We can also help you find and determine the best SEO keywords for photographers and current trends.


SEO for photography websites can significantly improve your website and ranking. Whether you are a new website, or an established one, using SEO for photographers would significantly boost your ranking. If you have a successful or new photography website, we would love to see some of your comments and thoughts on how to improve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up a website might seem complicated, especially if it is your first time, but these tips will significantly improve the quality of your website. I also came across a few of your questions and decided that it might help you to get good answers:

How Do I Optimize My Website For Photography SEO?

The best way to optimize your website for photography SEO is to do good keyword research and ensure that you include these keywords in all the relevant places. The keywords should be in your content, titles, meta descriptions, URL structures, and ALT tags to name a few. However, it all depends on getting the right keywords and ranking for them.

How Do I Improve My Local SEO?

Local SEO is one of the most useful ways to target your local community and to get yourself ranking. The best two ways to target local SEO would be to integrate keywords containing phrases from the local area. However, the social media algorithm would also target your local area when using it for marketing. Finally, GMB or Google My Business is another great alternative.

What Are Backlinks And How Do They Help With Photography SEO?

As mentioned before, backlinks are the nod of approval from other websites that your website is one that they like. Since Google loves trustworthy websites, and like valuable or creative content, this shows the algorithm that your content is just that. Having more backlinks will ensure your website has more trustworthiness.

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