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One of the many ways you can grow your health and fitness blog is via guest posting. Regardless of how small your blog is, guest posting can help you improve search ranking, boost visibility, and drive organic traffic to your website.

But something that most newbies struggle with is identifying the right websites that accept health and fitness blogs. And that’s where this blog comes in.

Below, we’ll discuss a simple yet effective way of finding and comparing health & fitness guest posting sites to help you choose the best. In addition, you’ll find some tips to ensure your guest post gets published in one go.

So, read in full.

Easiest Way to Find Websites that Accept Health & Fitness Guest Posts

Leverage the power of Google. While it may sound simple, using certain search queries on Google is an effective method for identifying guest posting opportunities. Here are some queries you can use:

Write for us + health, health guest post, write for us + fitness, fitness guest post, write for us + health & fitness, health & fitness guest post, write for us health and food, health + write for us, write for us + health, write for us + mental health, health and wellness write for us, health blogs + write for us, mental health + write for us, health blog + write for us, health + write for us, health and fitness + write for us, health + write for us.

You can try all of the above queries with variations for even better results. For instance, if you have expertise in dental health, you can search for something like dental health + write for us. This will help you gather an extensive list of guest posting websites in the health and fitness niche.

Now that you have a list of guest posting websites, which ones should you shortlist? Let’s find out.

How do you choose the best guest posting site out of the available options?

Here’s what you need to consider when comparing the best guest posting sites:


You should shortlist guest posting websites that post content in a niche in which you hold expertise. Such websites are likely to have a target audience similar to yours, improving readership and engagement. Also, you may get higher referral traffic.

Overall Authority

Highly authoritative websites, i.e., websites with high Page Rank (PR), Domain Rating (DR), and Domain Authority (DA), are what you should look for. When you publish guest posts on such websites, more link juice travels to your website, boosting your search ranking and trustworthiness.

Content Quality

Publishing guest posts on a website that features high-quality content can be rewarding for your website. Why? Well, high-quality content attracts high-quality readers. Also, this makes your content look more reliable and credible.

High-quality content is easy to read, free from grammatical errors, engaging, insightful, and has some sort of user engagement.

Website Traffic

Higher monthly website traffic means more people will see your content and visit your website as referral traffic.

And this further improves the chances of converting more visitors to paying customers. So, look for websites that receive a respected number of monthly visitors.

Here’s what Google returned when we searched for write for us + health:

Read below Health Write For Us Guest Posting Sites :

Sr NoWebsiteDomain AuthorityAhrefs TrafficClick Here
1https://health******.com669,800Visit Here
2https://tattoo********.com5044,200Visit Here
3https://tribune********.com7147,000Visit Here
4https://nature*********.com7010,000Visit Here
5https://health*************.com534,300Visit Here
6https://sf***.com5414,800Visit Here
7https://tren*******.com6262,200Visit Here
8https://ate****.com595,100Visit Here
9https://ide****.com6911,000Visit Here
10https://anthi********.com545,700Visit Here
11https://spaceco********.com751,3 MVisit Here
12https://hi****.com853,300Visit Here
13https://style*******.com5945,300Visit Here
14https://loving*************.com6051,200Visit Here
15https://living******.com576,300Visit Here

How do you ensure your guest post submission gets accepted?

One of the most complex parts of guest posting is getting your post published. However, there are a few tips you can follow to boost the success rate:

Email Copy

Website owners, especially the popular ones, receive tons of guest posting requests daily. And sending a generic or automated email won’t be enough to help you stand out. So, you must create a compelling email with an attractive subject line to stand out and get your request accepted.


You cannot just send the emails and call it a day. As stated earlier, website owners receive tons of emails each day. So, to get a response, you may have to send 3-5 follow-up emails at regular intervals.

Following the guidelines

Every guest posting site has its own set of guidelines you have to follow. For instance, some may ask you to follow a particular tone, word limit, or topic, among other things. Failing to follow these guest posting guidelines will lead to the rejection of your guest post.

Is there a More Effective Way of Finding Guest Posting Websites?

While you can boost your guest posting success rate using the above tips, there’s still a lot of time and effort required. For instance, you must find the right websites, filter them out, craft an email copy, ask for follow-ups, and create content. But there’s a better solution: Link Publishers.

Link Publishers is a guest posting marketplace featuring 60,000+ websites that accept guest in all niches, including health and nutrition. This link-building services company allows you to buy guest posts without any hassle.

No need to send emails, ask for follow-up, or even follow guidelines to create content. Sign up on their guest posting marketplace, choose from the best guest posting websites in your niche, upload content (or get it written by Link Publishers’ writers), make the payment, and get your guest post published within 30-32 hours. This method is both efficient and has a high success rate.

Sign up with Link Publishers now and make the most of guest posting.


What are some search queries to find the best health and nutrition guest posting websites?

Here are some search queries you can try:

Health + write for us + guest post, health and beauty + write for us, health blog + write for us funding rounds, health insurance + write for us, health tips + write for us, health + write for us guest post, health+ write for us, health + write for us, holistic health + write for us, men’s health + write for us, mental health blogs + write for us, natural health + write for us, pet health + write for us, women’s health + write for us, write for us + fashion and health, write for us + health guest post, write for us + alternative health, write for us + health and beauty, write for us + health and fitness, write for us + health and wellness, and write for us + health Canada.

What are the benefits of health & nutrition guest posting?

Guest posting is a traditional link-building technique that brings the following benefits:

  • Improves search ranking.
  • Drives organic and referral traffic.
  • Boosts your trustworthiness and credibility.
  • Provides opportunities for networking and collaboration.
  • Offers competitive advantage.
How long does it take to see the benefits of guest posting?

The time required to see the benefits of guest posting depends on several factors, such as content relevance, content quality, number of guest posts, and more. However, on average, it takes anywhere around 2-6 weeks to see the results of guest posting.

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