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Write For Us Wedding: Guest Post On Bridal, Marriage Blog

Want to grow your presence in the wedding industry? Guest posting is a great way to get started. You can improve your ranking, reach more people, and outshine your competitors with guest posting.

However, you must find the best wedding guest posting sites to make the most of this strategy. And that’s where this blog comes in.

Below, we have briefly discussed the benefits of guest posting and listed the top 3 methods for finding wedding guest posting websites. In addition, there are some tips to consider when comparing guest posting sites to help you make the right decision.

Why Invest in Guest Posting?

Guest posting can do wonders for your wedding website or business. Here’s how:

Improved Visibility

Guest posting is all about building backlinks. These backlinks redirect users from the 3rd party website to your website.

Google’s search algorithm considers these backlinks and your backlink profile as a whole when ranking websites for search queries. So, having high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources can improve your search ranking and, thus, visibility.

Increased Traffic and Brand Awareness

Better search ranking directly translates to more traffic to your website. Also, publishing a guest post on a busy wedding guest posting site would bring more referral traffic to your website. And both of these traffic sources improve your brand awareness.

Better Networking Opportunities

When starting in the wedding industry, you must connect with like-minded people to grow. With guest posting, you get to connect and network with players in your industry and exchange insights. This further leads to long-term relations and collaborations over time.

Top Wedding Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Sr NoWebsiteDomain AuthorityAhrefs TrafficClick Here
1https://latestwedding******.com/3516,400Visit Here
2https://marriage*******.com631,31,500Visit Here
3https://savvybride*****.com662,18,900Visit Here
4https://marriagema******.com6242,300Visit Here
5https://foreverlove******.com7295,900Visit Here
6https://weddic*******.org634,800Visit Here
7https://marriedpe*****.com6720,300Visit Here
8https://topwedding********.com549,900Visit Here
9https://marriagegui*******.com586,600Visit Here
10https://marriagec****.com513,200Visit Here
11https://prewedding*******.com597,700Visit Here
12https://destinationweddi****.com602,69,100Visit Here
13https://weddings******.com7842,800Visit Here
14https://weddinglovi*****.net6417,000Visit Here
15https://engage*******.com5518,500Visit Here

How Can You Find the Best Write For US Wedding Blogs OR Wedding Guest Posting Sites?

Here are some simple yet effective methods of finding wedding guest posting sites:

While this method looks simple, it can bring promising results. All you’ve got to do is search for these keywords on Google:

Write For Us Wedding, Write for us + wedding, wedding blog + write for us, wedding + write for us, wedding + submission guidelines, wedding + guest blogger wanted, wedding + become guest blogger, wedding + accepting guest posts, wedding + guest posting opportunities, wedding + submit guest post, wedding + guest post, bridal + guest post, bride and groom + guest post guidelines, wedding venue + guest post guidelines, and wedding + guest post guidelines.

Upon searching for “write for us + wedding,” here’s what we got:

You can try the above combinations and prepare a massive list of wedding guest posting sites within minutes.

2. Social Media Platforms and Groups

This is similar to the above method. The only difference is the platform.

Instead of Google, you need to search for keywords like “wedding guest posts” on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Businesses often share their guest posts on social media platforms. By performing simple searches, you can identify tons of guest posting sites.

Another way you can leverage social media is by joining guest posting communities/groups. Platforms like Quora, Reddit, Facebook, etc., are full of communities that revolve around guest posting. You can join these communities, contribute, and find guest posting opportunities in your niche.

3. Competitor Research

Let’s say your competitor ( has a high ranking on SERPs and is performing extremely well. It is likely they have a strong backlink profile with high authority backlinks.

You can search your competitors’ domains and identify the guest posting websites that link to them. As these guest posting sites publish guest posts from your competitors, they’ll probably accept them from you, too.

P.S. One amazing way of analyzing your competitors’ backlink profiles is by using Ahrefs Backlink Checker. It’s a free and easy-to-use tool that lists referring websites to any domain you want to analyze.

With the above methods, you can prepare a decent list of wedding guest posting sites. But you cannot choose just any website, right? You’d want to choose the best of the best. But how can you do that? The below guide will help.

How Do You Ensure Which Guest Posting Site to Choose?

Here’s what you need to consider when comparing guest posting sites to choose the right ones:


Some guest posting sites specialize in content about cakes, venues, and catering. On the other hand, some publish content on every possible topic related to weddings.

However, you should always go for guest posting sites that publish content in your niche. This makes it easy for you to create valuable content that gets more attention as your audience is similar to theirs.


Every guest posting site has different guidelines that guest bloggers must follow.

Mostly, these guidelines are easy to follow. However, sometimes, they may give you a hard time. So, check the website’s guidelines and see if you can create content while keeping them in mind. If not, skip to another option.

Content Quality

High-quality content means a better reputation. If you post content on a website with high-quality content, the users will consider your website to be of high quality, too.

High Authority

Authority matters a lot when it comes to guest posting. Having a few high-authority backlinks is better than having too many low- or average-quality backlinks.

This is because with high authority websites comes higher credibility and trustworthiness. Also, more link juice and value travels to your website. So, look for websites with a higher Domain Authority, Domain Rating, and PageRanking.

Is There a Better Guest Posting Technique?

Although the above methods are effective for identifying wedding guest posting sites, you have to invest a lot of time.

For instance, you must find the guest posting websites and compare them to choose the best. After that, you need to email website owners with your pitch and follow up after regular intervals to get a reply. If you get a reply, you need to create high-quality content.

However, you can use a better technique: guest posting marketplaces such as Link Publishers. Guest posting marketplaces allow you to buy and publish guest posts on high-authority websites.

Link Publishers, a popular guest posting marketplace, features 60,000+ guest posting sites in all niches, including weddings. By applying filters, you can select the websites of your liking, upload the content (or have Link Publishers’ writers craft it for you), pay, and get your post published within 30-32 hours.

This way, you can publish as many guest posts as you need on high-authority websites. And all this without investing much time.

What is guest post backlinks?

Guest posting is a strategy that involves publishing content on 3rd party websites in your niche. The guest post has a link to your website, which redirects users from the 3rd party website to yours, known as a backlink. Guest posting is mainly done to build high-authority backlinks for higher search ranking, brand awareness, and competitive advantage.

How many guest posts per month?

There’s no specific number of guest posts you can or should publish each month. However, it’s always recommended to build a few high-authority backlinks over many poor or average-quality backlinks.

Does quality matter in guest posting?

Guest posting is all about the quality of the content, provided you’re dealing with a reputed guest posting website. Content that adds value to the guest posting site’s audience gets approved instantly and earns you natural backlinks over time.

How do you find wedding guest posting sites?

You can try the below keywords on Google:

Write for us + wedding, wedding + write for us, wedding blog + write for us, wedding + submission guidelines, wedding + become guest blogger, wedding + guest blogger wanted, wedding + guest posting opportunities, wedding + accepting guest posts, wedding + submit guest post, bridal + guest post, bride and groom + guest post guidelines, wedding + guest post, wedding + guest post guidelines and wedding venue + guest post guidelines.

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