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While people who love music like to listen to it on repeat, diehard fans and artists also follow the blogs of their favorite artists. According to the Musicians Institute, music blogs are one of the top channels for learning about new music from artists/bands that are new or largely unheard of. It means music blogs are popular among people and get tons of regular traffic.

So, if you’re an aspiring musician or managing SEO for music blogs, getting your music guest posts published on popular websites that accept these would be a great idea.

But how do you find “write for us music” blogs or websites that accept music blogs?

Well, that’s what the blog is all about.

Below, we’ll help you find, compare, and choose the best music blogs that accept guest posts. In addition, we’ll list the importance of guest posts to help you understand its potential. And lastly, you’ll find a special way to speed up the guest posting process. So, read in full.

What is Guest Posting for Music Blogs?

Guest posting for music blogs is creating and publishing guest posts on other high-authority music blogs that accept submissions in exchange for a link. Here’s what guest posting usually involves:

  • You identify ideal “write for us music” websites that accept guest posts.
  • Go through their content guidelines.
  • Create content that follows the guidelines.
  • Email them with your request (follow up as well).
  • Once they accept your request, you get a backlink in return.

Let’s now learn about the importance of following the above process for music blog owners.

Why is Guest Posting Important for Music Blogs?

Here are several reasons you must invest in guest posting for music blogs:

Higher SEO Ranking

By publishing music guest posts on popular websites, you get a backlink in return. This backlink not only redirects users to your website but also transfers the link juice. And with link juice comes better credibility, authority, and trustworthiness, leading to higher SEO ranking.

Better Organic Traffic

Whether you’re a new music blogger or an SEO expert managing a music blog, you need organic traffic. And that’s what guest posting can help you achieve.

By publishing guest posts on popular music blogs, more people will see your content. And more people will visit your website, increasing the organic traffic you get.


When you pitch music blogs, you get to build relations with industry leaders. And this can turn into potential collaborations and other opportunities in the future.

Establishes Authority

Having a music blog is not enough to ensure growth. You need to win the trust of new readers and establish yourself as an industry leader in your genre. And that’s what “write for us music” guest posts will help you achieve.

When you publish guest posts on authoritative music blogs, the audience will see your blog as high authority as well. Also, Google will consider your blog more authoritative as it’s getting links from credible sources.

How Do You Identify the Music Blogs that Accept Submissions?

One of the best ways to find websites that accept “write for us music” guest posts is by using the below search queries. Simply enter each search query and add relevant websites in a spreadsheet:

Music magazine + write for us, music production + write for us, music blog + write for us, music gets paid to write for us, music blogs write for us, etc.

Contemporary music + write for us, write for us entertainment, classical music + write for us, music + write for us, intitle: write for us music, music education + write for us, music blog + write for us, entertainment write for us.

Entertainment + write for us paid, entertainment blogs write for us, entertainment blog + write for us, entertainment + write for us, entertainment movie news + write for us, write for us, paid entertainment, entertainment + write for us.

On searching these keywords, you’ll get plenty of options to choose from. However, there’s a set criterion you must follow in choosing the best “write for us music” websites that accept blog posts. Otherwise, you might not be able to make the most of this strategy. Here are the factors you must keep in mind:


In your list of websites that accept “write for us music” guest posts, look for the ones relevant to your niche or genre. For instance, if you’re a hip-hop artist, you’d want your post on a website whose target audience includes hip-hop fans. Otherwise, the audience won’t be able to connect, and you won’t get as much engagement.

Website Traffic and Engagement

One of the primary motives for publishing guest posts is to attract new visitors to your website or blog. And this is only possible if the “write for us music” website you’re publishing the blog drives enough traffic and engagement. So, look for websites with high monthly traffic. You can check the monthly traffic using tools such as similarweb.

Evaluate Content Quality

Content quality is simply non-negotiable. Good quality content is a sign of a good reputation. It also tells a lot about the audience the website is catering to. And when your content goes on a website with quality content, the reputation automatically transfers to your website as well.

To ensure the content is high quality, simply read it thoroughly. It should be easy to read, engaging, and free from any grammatical or factual errors.

Domain Authority

High domain authority is a good sign. If you’re publishing content on high-DA websites, you’ll obviously be getting a backlink from them. And if a backlink comes from a high DA website, it acts as a vote of confidence in Google’s eyes.

Guest Posting Guidelines

All high-quality “write for us music” that accepts guest posts will have certain guest posting guidelines you must follow. Only if you follow these guidelines when writing content can you expect to get your content published.

When you compare and filter out websites using the above factors, you’ll get a handful of extremely reliable options. You can then create the required content, pitch your request, and get your music blog published.

The Problem with Write for Us Music Guest Posts

Guest posting is a pretty effective method of improving your SEO ranking, building links, and generating organic traffic. However, at the same time, it is resource-intensive.

For instance, you need to identify numerous websites manually and compare and choose the best ones for guest posting. After that, you need a dedicated resource to perform outreach, i.e., contact owners of music blog guest posts and pitch your request. This requires time and has a low success rate, as most blog owners don’t reply until you follow up a few times.

But that does not mean you cannot leverage guest posting for your music blog. There is a viable solution. Read along to find out!

We have crafted a comprehensive list of high-ranking music blogs for you:

We have crafted a comprehensive list of high-ranking music blogs for you:

Sr NoWebsiteDomain AuthorityAhrefs TrafficClick Here
1https://house*********.com5159,000Visit Here
2https://hdmed*****.co6510,000Visit Here
3https://urba******.com469,500Visit Here
4https://thater*******.com5917,200Visit Here
5https://musi*******.com612,62,900Visit Here
6https://style******.com414,300Visit Here
7https://then******.com425,700Visit Here
8https://brokean**********.com393,500Visit Here
9https://miket********.com496,400Visit Here
10https://thestudentp**********.com4012,800Visit Here
11https://sounds**********.com5612,100Visit Here
12https://clic*****.com492,900Visit Here
13https://tha*****.com385,900Visit Here
14https://wera*****.com5750,500Visit Here
15https://thefox********.com324,600Visit Here

Link Publishers is a guest posting marketplace that lists tons of write for us music websites that accept guest posts. Just create your account, sign up as an “Advertiser,” apply filters (DA, niche, and more), and choose the best websites that accept music guest posts.

After choosing the ideal websites, upload the content and get your guest post published within 30-32 hours. Yes, it’s that easy and convenient. No unnecessary searching or outreach. You don’t even need to write content if you don’t want to, as Link Publishers has dedicated native writers who’ll write the content for you. Now, how can you beat that?

Here are some reliable write for us music websites that accept guest posts on Link Publishers’ marketplace:

“Please list the ideal websites in tabular form here.”


How do I find music guest posting sites?

To get started, you can perform simple Google searches using the below keywords:

Music + music blog + write for us, write for us music blog, music magazine + write for us, music production + write for us, music blogs write for us, write for us, music + get paid to write for us, music + write for us, and music + write for us.

Some more examples include music + write for us, music + write for us, write for us + music blog, music + music blogs write for us, write for us, classical music + write for us, contemporary music + write for us, write for us + music, music blog+ write for us.

How do you write a music blog post?

Generally, you need to find a topic that resonates with your audience’s interests and falls in your niche. The content should be high quality, easy to read, and cohesive to ensure a decent user experience. Also, it should be free from any grammatical errors.

In addition to the above guidelines, you must also check the individual guidelines as mentioned on the “Write for Us music” websites.

Does anyone read music blogs?

There are hundreds of thousands and probably more people who don’t just listen to music but also want to know more about artists and their art. And music blogs are one of the best mediums they use. So, yes, there are several individuals globally who read music blogs, and music guest posting is completely worth the effort.

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