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The demand for gaming content, including blogs, has increased over the past couple of years, especially after the advent of streaming services such as Twitch. Gamers actively create content (game reviews, listicles on top games for PC, Playstation, etc.) on their websites that gaming enthusiasts love consuming.

However, creating blogs is not enough if you want to attract thousands of visitors to your blog each month. You must invest in effective SEO strategies, such as guest posting for gaming blogs. This can help you gain the traction your blog needs, among other benefits.

But where can you find gaming “write for us” blogs that accept guest post submissions?

That’s what this blog is all about.

Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of gaming guest posting and list the top websites that accept gaming guest blogs. Also, we’ll help you identify the right website to ensure you make the most of this strategy.

So, read in full.

Why is Guest Posting Important for Gaming Blogs?

Earlier, we said guest posting can help your gaming blog gain the traction you want. Here’s how it happens:

Enhances SEO

Publishing guest posts on popular gaming blogs is a great link-building strategy. When you publish guest posts, you can embed a link (or backlink) that directs users to your website. This backlink transfers the link equity of the blog to your website, improving your credibility and authority in Google’s eyes and enhancing SEO.

Better Visibility and Traffic

When your SEO improves, so does your ranking. It means your website ranks higher in the Google SERPs for user search queries. This improves the visibility of your brand and brings more organic traffic.

Also, if the website you’re publishing the blog on receives good traffic, your guest post will get more exposure, and more people will visit your website. Again, this boosts the overall organic traffic your website gets.

Improves Credibility

Getting your gaming guest posts published on a prestigious “gaming” blog automatically improves your reputation and credibility in the readers’ eyes. After all, not everyone can make their way to a popular gaming blog that accepts guest posts. This further portrays your blog as more authoritative and trustworthy.

Builds a Community

One way to connect with fellow gamers or gaming enthusiasts is via live streaming platforms. However, when it comes to building a community, guest blogging is more reliable. Gamers can comment on your posts, connect with you, exchange ideas, share their opinions, and do a lot more. And all this helps build a flourishing gaming community.

Build Relationships

Guest posting allows you to connect with established bloggers in the gaming industry and build relations. This is a great way to network, opening doors to potential collaborations in the future.

Pro Tip: While guest posting for gaming blogs brings the above benefits, not everyone can enjoy them. You need to ensure your content is high quality and optimized according to the guidelines of the website you’re publishing the content on. If that’s not the case, most high-authority gaming blogs may not accept your submission, foiling your guest posting strategy.

How do you identify Gaming Blogs that Accept Submissions?

One of the easiest ways of finding “gaming” blogs that accept guest post submissions is by using appropriate Google search queries. Just enter the below search queries in Google or other search engines, and you’ll have plenty of websites that accept gaming guest posts:

Write for us + game debug, video game blog + write for us, escape game + write for us, video game + write for us, game blogs + write for us, video game + write for us, write for + us gaming, gaming + write for us, gaming blogs + write for us, gaming blog + write for us, tabletop gaming and write for us, write for us pc gaming.

After you’re done exploring the search queries, you should have an extensive list of websites to choose from. However, you cannot just choose any website that accepts submissions; otherwise, you may not be able to experience the benefits gaming guest posting brings. So, consider these factors when comparing multiple guest posting websites and identify the best ones:

Niche or Relevance

The websites you want to publish your gaming guest posts on should be in your niche and relevant to your target audience. This way, you’ll be able to appeal to your target audience and achieve more engagement.

Let’s say you like to write specifically about PS4 or PS5s. Now, publishing your guest posts on a website with a target audience of PC gamers won’t be as effective. Your content will make more sense if posted on a website whose target audience includes PS4 and PS5 gamers.

Also, try to avoid creating content on generic or outdated topics. Instead, create niche-specific content relevant to the latest trends that adds value to your audience. This will help you achieve more engagement and build credibility.

Website Traffic and Engagement

If the gaming blog/website gets a few hits ever week, there’s no point getting your guest post published there. After all, if the blog is getting few visitors each week or month, you’ll probably get only a fraction of those. And that’s not enough.

So, look for gaming blogs with ample views, likes, shares, and comments. This way, you’ll get plenty of redirects to your website.

Pro Tip: To check the monthly traffic a website receives, you can use similarweb.

Evaluate Content Quality

Content quality is one of the most important factors when looking for write for us blogs. Poor quality content that makes no sense or is full of errors brings down the reputation of the blogger. And if you post content on any such website, it can hurt your reputation as well, which is non-negotiable.

So, examine the quality of the content published on the guest posting website. For instance, it should be insightful, easy to read, engaging, and error-free. You can go a step further by checking reviews or comments posted on the content. Or, you can check other platforms or communities and see what they’re saying about the content or website in general.

Domain Authority

Prefer gaming websites with higher:

  • Domain Authority
  • PageRank
  • Domain Rating

All these indicators collectively help you judge the authority and overall quality of the website. The higher these indicators are, the better it is for you.

Guest Posting Guidelines

When you have filtered the websites, check the guest posting guidelines for each of them. Some would require you to follow a specific tone, and word count limit, among other things. Only if you create content
while keeping these guidelines in mind will your guest post get published.

By now, you should have a handful of websites that accept gaming guest posts. You can create guest posts and craft a decent email that contains your pitch. You may have to follow up a few times to get your request approved.

If you noticed, the above method of sourcing, comparing, and identifying the right websites that accept gaming blogs is extremely effective. However, at the same time, it’s resource-intensive. You need to spend hours upon hours just to identify the right websites. After that, you must perform outreach for each website with the hope of getting a reply, which is quite unlikely.

So, what’s the solution? Well, that’s when Link Publishers comes into the picture. Let’s learn how they can help.

Link Publishers, being a guest post marketplace place, has over 60,000 websites in every niche that accept guest posts, including gaming.

Just by signing up as an “Advertiser” and applying relevant filters, you can identify the best websites that accept gaming guest posts. You can then upload the content, make the payment, and get your guest post published in just 30-32 hours. Even if you don’t have a dedicated writer, Link Publishers has your back. They have native writers who’ll write the content, which you can upload and get backlinks.

Sounds convenient, right?

Here are some reliable write for us + gaming websites that accept guest posts on Link Publishers’ marketplace:

Sr NoWebsiteDomain AuthorityAhrefs TrafficClick Here
1https://christcen**********.com407,500Visit Here
2https://gad********.com4010,300Visit Here
3https://geek*****.com423,500Visit Here
4https://daily****.net454,000Visit Here
5https://kids********.com4735,900Visit Here
6https://uniga******.com487,800Visit Here
7https://back2******.com4915,400Visit Here
8https://game********.com515,300Visit Here
9https://bago*****.com5117,000Visit Here
10https://Techni********.com5323,100Visit Here
11https://apu********.in5653,400Visit Here
12https://lemo******.com5710,600Visit Here
13https://mobil******.com5916,200Visit Here
14https://gizm********.com6589,600Visit Here
15https://hub****.org7182,100Visit Here


Does gaming guest post even work?

True gaming enthusiasts and gamers love producing and consuming quality content around gaming. Also, gaming websites such as Game Developer and GameAnalytics have dedicated guest posting sections indicating the high readership demand for such content.

So, yes, there are plenty of readers out there who’d love to consume your guest posts, proving the fact that gaming guest posting works!

Which is the best website gaming guest posting?

The best website for gaming guest posting depends on your goals and interests. If you love writing about PC games, you may want to go to However, your preference will change if you have a knack for PS5.

So, it’s better to follow the guide mentioned in this blog and compare the options based on different factors. This will help you identify the best website for gaming guest posting.

How do I find a Gaming blog that accepts guest posts?

You can use a range of search queries to identify gaming blogs that accept guest posts, such as:

Write for us game debug, video game + write for us, video game blog + write for us, write for us + pc gaming, video game write for us, gaming, blogs + write for us, and submit a guest post + games.

More examples include gaming + write for us, gaming write for us, gaming blogs that pay for guest posts, gaming blogs guest posts, write blogs for us + gaming, gaming guest posts, guest article + Games, contributing writer Games, Game blog + write for us, submit content + Games, Video games + Write for us, guest posts wanted, Android games + Write for us, and Online Games + Write for us.

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