One of the most prominent benefits of guest posting is improving the search ranking of your sports blog/website. However, to actually improve your search ranking and enjoy other benefits guest blogging brings, you need to identify the best websites that accept sports guest posts. And that’s what this blog is all about.

Below, we’ll discuss all the benefits sports guest blogging brings and list the top websites that accept guest posts. In addition, you’ll learn about a simple method of finding, comparing, and choosing the best websites from the available options.

So, read in full.

What are the Benefits of Sports Guest Blogging?

Search Engine Ranking

If you want to monetize your blog, attract tons of monthly traffic, or both, you must appear higher in the SERPs.

After all, only if people see your website will they visit it, right? Guest posting can help you achieve this.

Guest posting enables you to generate backlinks, i.e., links that redirect users from other high-authority websites to your website. When you get backlinks from multiple high-authority websites, the link juice or value transfers to your blog/website, improving your credibility and relevance in Google’s eyes.

This, in turn, positively impacts your search ranking as Google considers the backlink profile of websites while ranking them for search queries. A stronger backlink profile translates to a better ranking.

In a nutshell, if you build backlinks using guest posting, you can improve your ranking in the SERPs. This will further improve the organic traffic and, thus, conversions.

Reaching a Broader Audience

Whether you love basketball, billiards, splash, soccer, or any other sport, you’d always want to expand your reader base, right?

What’s better than publishing your content on websites that already receive thousands of visitors?

By posting content on high-authority sports websites, you can directly push your blog/brand in front of a wider audience. This can increase your brand awareness and portray you as a credible source of information in the sports industry.

Drives Organic and Referral Traffic

With guest posting, your search engine search ranking improves. This means your website starts to rank higher for user search queries, and you start to generate more organic traffic.

Guest posts have an anchor text that acts as a backlink and takes the readers from the guest posting website to your website. So, by publishing content on popular websites, you can attract tons of referral traffic to your website, improving your brand recognition.

Opportunity to Network and Collaborate

Yet another benefit of sports guest blogging is the opportunity to network and collaborate. By posting content on popular websites, you get a chance to network with influencers (bloggers/editors, etc.) in the sports industry and build relations. Long-term relations can turn into potential collaborations where you co-publish blogs with an influencer or the other way around.

Competitive Advantage

As a beginner, it can be extremely tough to compete with established players. However, guest posting gives you a sort of unfair advantage.


Just by publishing content on the right sports website, you can reach an extensive range of individuals who are also your target audience. When readers see your content posted on a relevant and reliable website, more people get to know you and consider you as more credible. And it’s an obvious fact that people like to buy from brands they know about and trust, boosting conversions.

To get started, here is a list of the best Sports blogs Or Write For Us Sports in the sports niche that accept guest posts:

Sr NoWebsiteDomain AuthorityAhrefs TrafficClick Here
1https://infor********.com8328,300Visit Here
2https://theso**********.com826,82,000Visit Here
3https://football*******.net784,75,800Visit Here
4https://tribu**********.com7768.7Visit Here
5https://chica*****.com7649,800Visit Here
6https://spacec*********.com7613,00,000Visit Here
7https://vega*****.com7110,100Visit Here
8https://ghan**********.com7148,100Visit Here
9https://foreign*******.org7146,900Visit Here
10https://world*****.in7040,700Visit Here
11https://augu************.com6944,000Visit Here
12https://thesport*****.net6644,700Visit Here
13https://techk*****.com595,09,900Visit Here
14https://sports*********.com566,900Visit Here
15https://socce******.com566,600Visit Here

Factors to Consider When Looking for Blogs that Accept Sports Guest Posts

Here are some important factors to keep in mind when comparing websites for sports guest blog submissions:


You’ll find plenty of websites that accept sports guest posts on everything related to sports. Whether you want to talk about cricket, baseball, football, billiards, or any other sport, they’ll be glad to accept your content. However, such websites have a pretty vast audience. And chances are, you won’t get the traction your blog needs.

So, if you talk about cricket, find a blog that always, or at least the majority of times, publishes cricket-related guest posts. This way, the audience will be more engaged with the content and will want to learn more.

Website Traffic:

Website traffic is another crucial element of a sports guest blogging website. The goal here is to expose your brand to a wider audience and drive organic traffic. And that’s not possible if the guest posting website gets a few hundred visitors monthly. So, look for a website that receives a decent number of monthly visitors.

Content Quality:

You can occasionally manage with sports websites that receive less monthly traffic, but quality is something you can never compromise with. If you publish guest posts on a website that posts poor-quality content, your brand value could drop. And you’d never want that to happen.

So, look for websites that post high-quality content. To determine the quality, just make sure the content is insightful, well-researched, relevant, easy-to-ready, free from grammatical errors, and engaging.

Overall Website Authority:

Check for different metrics such as domain authority, page ranking, and domain rating for each website. This will help you judge the overall authority a website commands. The higher the website authority, the higher the link juice your website will get, which means a better overall ranking in the SERPs.

Guest Posting Guidelines:

Every sports guest posting website has a set of guidelines you need to keep in mind when creating content. This is essential if you wish to get your content approved and published on the respective websites. So, look for the guest posting guidelines for each website and determine if you can follow them confidently when creating content. It will improve the chances of your getting approved and published.

Awesome, you have a vetted list of websites that accept sports guest posts. Now, you need to find their contact details, create the content adhering to the guidelines, draft a compelling email for each website, and diligently fo

llow up 3-5 times.

If you noticed, guest posting requires a ton of effort. Even after investing all the time and effort, you’re still not sure if the guest posting website owners would respond to your request. But the benefits guest posting brings are pretty lucrative.

So, what should you do? Well, that’s when Link Publishers comes into the picture.

Let’s learn how they can help.

How do you find sports websites that accept guest post submissions?

Identifying sports blogs that accept guest posts is easy. All you’ve got to do is use some search operators on Google and hit enter. Here are some keywords you can use:

Write for us + sports, sports + write for us, sports blog + write for us, sports travel blog + write for us, write for us + sports paid, submit sports guest post, submit guest post + sports, sports + submit guest post, guest posting + sports etc.

Here’s what we got when we searched “write for us + sports”:

Link Publishers is a guest post marketplace that allows you to buy guest posts. This marketplace comes with a pool of 60,000+ verified websites that accept guest posts in all niches, including sports.

Sign up on their marketplace, filter the best sports websites by website traffic, DA, etc., and choose the ones that suit your needs.

After that, you can upload the required content or get it written by writers at Link Publishers and get your guest post published within 30-32 hours.

The best part is that you can buy as many guest posts as you wish without the hassle of contacting each publisher or writing the content on your own. This saves you the time you can invest in performing your core tasks.

Here are the top sports websites available on the Link Publishers’ guest post marketplace:


Is sports guest posting worth it?

Yes, sports guest posting is completely worth it. It can help you boost your brand awareness, authority, search ranking, and network, provided you do it right. You’ve got to find the right websites, create the right content, and pitch your request in the best possible way.

Or you can go for a more efficient and effective alternative: guest posting marketplaces. Such platforms maximize the chances of your success without any massive resource investment.

How do I make my sports blog successful?

Here are a few things you need to do to make your sports blog successful:

  • Find your niche.
  • Understand what your audience loves.
  • Create high-quality, original, and engaging content consistently.
  • Promote it on social media, invest in SEO, and leverage guest posting for credibility.
  • Interact with your audience, i.e., reply to their comments.
  • Monetize your blogs via ads, affiliate marketing, or premium subscriber-only content.

How do you pitch a sports guest post?

Once you have identified the websites you want to pitch to and read the guidelines, you need to contact the website owners via email. And here are the necessary elements your email must have:

  • A clear subject line to grab the attention of the reader.
  • A brief introduction about who you are, what you do, and the purpose of the email.
  • 2-3 guest post ideas. Add 2-3 lines about each idea.
  • Share your previous guest posts or other writing samples to win trust.
  • Demonstrate your expertise and give them a reason to choose your pitch.
  • A clear email signature with your email and phone number.

After you have your email ready, hit send and wait for a few days. Follow up politely 3-5 times, and you’ll most probably hear back. If not, move to the next guest posting site.

There are many other amazing combinations of keywords that can help you reach out to the best sports guest blogging websites. They are:

Sports blog write for us, sports “write for us” , sports travel blog write for us, “sports” and “write for us”, sports travel blog “write for us” write for us sports paid, “write for us” sports, “write for us” “Sports”, “write for us” + “Sports”.

“sports” + “write for us”, “write for us sports”, “submit sports guest post”, “submit guest post” + “sports”, “guest post” + “sports”, “sports” + “submit guest post”, “guest posting” + “sports”.

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