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Travel Write For Us : Travel Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

While travel blogging is profitable and has a huge readership, it’s quite competitive. There are millions of travel bloggers globally fighting for reader attention, making it hard for new bloggers to succeed. But there’s a solution: Guest Posting!

Guest posing can help you achieve the exposure and growth you expect within a few months. However, to take full advantage of guest posting, you must ensure your guest posts get published on only the best travel guest posting websites.

Wondering where you can find the best travel guest posting websites? We’ve got you covered. In this blog, you’ll find the benefits of guest posting along with a list of top travel guest posting websites.

In addition, we’ll discuss an effective method using which you can identify, compare, and choose the best travel guest posting sites. So, read in full.

Why is Guest Posting Important for Travel Blogs?

Here are the benefits of guest posting for travel blogs:

Search Ranking

Guest posting is indirectly linked to your search ranking. How?

Well, guest posting is a method of link building. When you publish your guest posts on other high-authority websites, a link (also known as a backlink) in the content redirects visitors to your website. These backlinks signal to Google that your website is credible, reliable, and trustworthy.

The more guest posts you publish (on high-authority websites), the more backlinks you generate. And more backlinks translate to a stronger backlink profile.

As Google considers your backlink profile when ranking your website in SERPs, having a stronger one can enhance the chances of you ranking higher.

So, with guest posting, you can rank higher than your competitors in the SERPs.

Brand Awareness

By guest posting, you can enhance your brand awareness:

As stated earlier, guest posting helps improve your search ranking. When you rank higher, your website becomes visible to more people, improving your brand awareness and driving organic traffic.

Publishing content on guest posts on websites that already receive a lot of traffic can expose your brand to their readers. You may also get referral traffic from those websites, again improving brand awareness.

Become a Thought Leader

Guest posting can substantially impact your reputation in the travel industry. If you publish high-quality travel guest posts on high-authority websites, their audience will perceive your content as high authority as well. This can help improve your reputation and establish your business as a thought leader.

Networking and Collaboration

Guest posts are a great way to connect and network with fellow travel bloggers in the industry and share ideas.

You can build long-term relations by delivering high-quality content and driving value for the website owners. And this can lead to future collaborations benefiting both parties.

Top Travel Write For Us Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

In this blog, we will have a list of all the high-quality travel blogs that accept guest posts: 

Sr. No.WebsiteDomain AuthorityAhrefs TrafficClick Here
1https://trav*****.com/366,600Visit Here
2https://pvp****.net6086,300Visit Here
3https://me****.com733,200Visit Here
4https://tri****.com561,86,500Visit Here
5https://myster********.com586,600Visit Here
6https://daily******.com6025,400Visit Here
7https://the-************.com556,200Visit Here
8https://urdes******.com7838,000Visit Here
9https://off*****.com7414,600Visit Here
10https://thefairyta**********.com5135,300Visit Here
11https://mapp********.com5522,800Visit Here
12https://davest***********.com504,600Visit Here
13https://clement*******.com556,800Visit Here
14https://twomonkeys***********.com5941,800Visit Here
15https://tourism********.com589,700Visit Here

How do you identify Travel Write For US OR Travel Blogs that Accept Submissions?

While there are multiple methods to find travel blogs for guest posts, an effective one is using search operators in Google. Just open Google and enter any of these search terms:

Travel + write for us, write for us travel, write for us + travel, travel + guest post, write for us traveling, travel blog + write for us, travel + guest post, travel guest post, travel submit guest post, list of travel blogs that accept guest posts, travel blogs that accept guest posts, submit guest post + travel, travel blog guest post, travel blog + submit a guest post, travel guest post sites, and travel guest post write for us.

Here’s what Google returned when we searched for “travel + write for us” :

A simple Google search helped us discover multiple travel guest posting websites. In addition to the above keywords, you can also try:

Travel blogs that pay for guest posts, free guest posts + travel, travel guest post, write for us blog, adventure travel write for us, air travel write for us, family travel write for us, travel destination write for us, travel guest post write for us, travel guide write for us, travel tips write for us, travel write for us guest post, write for us travel paid, write for us travel guest post, write for us travelling tips, tour, and travel write for us.

After searching for the relevant keywords, you’ll have a huge list of travel websites. But out of these, which ones are the best? Here are the factors you need to consider to compare and choose the best websites for travel guest post submission:

Niche or Relevance

Consider the niche or relevance of the website you’re planning to publish your guest post. For instance, if you’re a solo blogger exploring North America, you must go for blogs dedicated to solo travel, backpacking, or North America, not Luxury or family travel blogs.

Website Traffic and Engagement

More monthly website traffic and engagement translates to more exposure for your website or brand. So, look for popular guest posting websites in the travel niche.

Evaluate Content Quality

Content quality directly impacts how visitors perceive your blog or brand. If the guest posting website publishes high-quality content, visitors will naturally consider your content/business high quality, too. And the opposite is true, too. So, look for websites that publish error-free, engaging, in-depth, and original content.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Each guest posting website has its own set of guest posting guidelines. Check these guidelines when comparing websites. Choose the ones whose guidelines you can easily adhere to. This will improve the chances of the website owner accepting your travel guest post.

By now, you should have a curated list of travel guest-posting websites. However, the actual work starts now. You must create content that meets the website’s guidelines, craft an engaging email, and follow up several times. Even after doing all this, you still may not receive enough replies.

But there’s a better solution: Link Publishers. Let’s learn how Link Publishers can help.

Link Publishers is a guest post marketplace where you can buy guest posts. They have over 60,000 websites that accept guest posts in every niche, including travel.

There is no need to create content, email website owners, or take follow-ups. Simply sign up on Link Publishers’ guest posting marketplace, choose the best websites, upload the content (or get it written by their expert writers), make the payment, and get your guest post delivered to you within 30-32 hours.

In addition to saving time and effort, this method also maximizes the success rate. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with Link Publishers and start publishing your guest posts on some of the best travel websites.


What are the best keywords to find travel blogs that accept guest posts?

Here are some keywords you can search on Google to identify travel blogs that accept guest posts:

Travel + write for us, travel blogs write for us, write for us + travel paid, write for us + travel agency, write for us travel and tourism, write for us travel blog, write for us travel free, write for us + travel, how to write about us for travel company, inurl write for us travel, inurl-write-for-us travel, luxury travel write for us, solo travel + write for us.

What are some tips for writing a successful guest post?

Here are some tips you can keep in mind:

  • Meet the Guidelines: Read all the guidelines before you get started with the guest post.
  • Write for their Audience: Determine who the website’s audience is and write content they find valuable and engaging.
  • Quality: The guest post should be of the best possible quality. Otherwise, the publisher may not accept your guest post.
  • Anchor Text: Use the right contextually relevant keyword for the anchor text to get more clicks.
Is travel blogging easy?

No, travel blogging isn’t easy. There are millions of travel bloggers worldwide who produce high-quality content daily. `However, if you keep up the hard work and leverage strategies such as guest posting, you can get a competitive advantage and transform your travel blog into a money-making machine.

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