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There are tons of digital marketing blogs out there that accept guest post submissions. While this may sound like good news, the reality is quite the opposite. Too many options simply means a hard time deciding which to choose and which to ignore. If you’re stuck in this dilemma, this blog can help.

Below, we have discussed the top benefits of guest posting and the most effective methods of finding digital marketing blogs that accept guest posts. In addition, we have shared a guide that you can use to compare the guest posting sites and make the right decision. So, read in full.

How Can Guest Posting on Digital Marketing Websites Benefit You?

Here are the benefits of guest posting:

Improved Search Ranking

With guest posting, you can build high authority backlinks, strengthening your backlink profile. As Google considers backlinks an important ranking factor, having a strong backlink profile can boost your ranking in the SERPs.

Better Brand Awareness

Improved search ranking means more people see your website or blog. This will drive more organic traffic to your website, improving your reach and brand awareness.

Enhances Reputation and Credibility

As a new blogger or business owner, if you publish your guest posts on high-authority websites, your reputation will also increase. The readers of the guest posting website will consider your blog a credible source of information, which will further improve your reputation.

Networking Opportunities

Guest posting gives you a chance to connect with fellow marketers in your industry. This is a great way to network and build long-lasting connections, which can turn into collaborations and other opportunities in the future.

Comprehensive List Of Top Digital Marketing Guest Posting Websites OR Write For Us Digital Marketing Blogs

Sr NoWebsiteDomain AuthorityAhrefs TrafficClick Here
1https://honeyw***********.com652,400Visit Here
2https://purere*******.com566,700Visit Here
3https://tech*******.org701,32,500Visit Here
4https://free***********.com746,700Visit Here
5https://wpsh******.com745,600Visit Here
6https://guestpo**********.com4410,300Visit Here
7https://myblo********.com352,400Visit Here
8https://goog******.com4129,600Visit Here
9https://complete**********.ca365,400Visit Here
10https://watch******.com301,500Visit Here
11https://digitalmar**********.com2461,900Visit Here
12https://hi****.com853,300Visit Here
13https://styles******.com5945,300Visit Here
14https://lovingess**********.com6051,200Visit Here
15https://living******.com576,300Visit Here

Best Methods for Identifying Digital Marketing Guest Posting Websites

Here are some effective methods you can try:

Google search is probably the easiest method on this shortlist. Open Google, type in the below search terms (one by one), and look at the results:

SEO + write for us, technology + write for us, submit guest post, write for us + SEO, write for us + tech, write for us + digital marketing, digital marketing + guest post, guest post submission, SEO blog + write for us, write for us + guest post b2b + write for us, write for us + digital marketing, social media + write for us, video marketing + write for us, write for us + tech, social media marketing + write for us, technology + write for us + guest post, and write for us + marketing.

On searching for Digital Marketing+ write for us, we got these results:

Searching queries on google to find best digital marketing guest posting sites

Did you see it? A simple search returned so many marketing guest posting websites. Repeating this process with new keywords, you can prepare a huge list of guest posting sites in the marketing niche.

Here are some more search queries you can try:

Write for us + news, digital marketing + write for us + guest post, digital marketing + intitle write for us, digital marketing + write for us, hello digital marketing + write for us, write for us + digital marketing 2023, digital marketing + write for us + guest post, digital marketing blogs + write for us, digital marketing agency + write for us, digital marketing inurl + write for us, and digital marketing + write for us + do-follow.

Competitor Analysis

This method requires some effort but is quite rewarding. You need to analyze the backlink profiles of your competitors. If you don’t already know who your competitors are, search for the keywords related to your business. And you’ll get all your competitors.

Open Backlink Checker from Ahrefs, enter one of your competitor’s domains, and hit “Check Backlinks.” Within seconds, you will get a list of domains linking to your competitor.

Let’s say SEMrush is your competitor. On analyzing its backlink profile, here’s something similar to what you’ll get:

ahrefs backlink checker tool

You now have websites that accept guest posts from your competitors. Chances are they’ll accept them from you as well.

Social Media Groups

Social media is filled with communities and groups based on guest posting in multiple niches, including digital marketing. Common platforms include Reddit, Quora, and Facebook. You can join groups on these platforms, build meaningful relations with the members, and look for guest posting opportunities.

Choosing the Best Marketing Guest Posting Sites

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best guest posting sites:


Niche relevance is extremely crucial when comparing guest posting websites. If you have expertise in SEO or PPC, ensure the guest posting website you’re approaching publishes content on these topics. This will help you resonate better with their audience.

Overall Authority

When a website links to your website, it brings a certain value in the form of link juice. The higher the website’s authority, the higher the value travels to your website. A higher value transfer translates to a stronger backlink profile. So, look for websites with high overall authority.

Content Quality

One thing that you should never compromise is quality. If your content gets associated with a guest posting website that posts high-quality content, your credibility and reputation will increase. Also, high-quality content engages the readers better. So, chances are, the readers will also read your post in its entirety, increasing the likelihood of clicking the backlink.


High monthly traffic means you get to push your content in front of a much wider audience. This will boost your brand awareness & drive more organic traffic to your website. So, look for guest-posting websites that get thousands of monthly visitors.

Guest Posting Tips to Ensure a Higher Success Rate!

Keep these tips in mind for a higher success rate:


Never ignore the guidelines on every guest posting website when creating content. These guidelines help ensure all the content pieces follow a similar tone, format, and word limit, among other things. Failing to adhere to these guidelines might lead to the rejection of your guest post.

All website owners allow you to add links to your guest posts. These links/backlinks redirect the readers back to your website. However, you should add a limited number of links as specified by the website owner; otherwise, it might come across as spammy or promotional.


When creating content for your guest post, focus on delivering value to your readers. When your content is valuable, you can expect to generate more engagement and traffic.


When contacting website owners with your pitch, always use a personalized approach. This will help you stand out from the crowd and increase the chances of your request being answered.

Link Publishers is a guest posting marketplace where you can simply buy guest posts. With a pool of more than 60,000 websites in all niches, including digital marketing, you can compare and choose the best options, upload the content, and get your guest posts published within 30-32 hours. And if you don’t have a content writer, you can hire one from Link Publishers’ and save yourself the struggle.

Using a guest posting marketplace like Link Publishers, you can publish as many guest posts as you need without wasting any time or effort. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with Link Publishers and start building links today.


What are some popular search terms for finding marketing guest posting websites?

Here are some search terms you can use:

Content marketing + write for us, affiliate marketing + write for us, b2b marketing + write for us, business marketing + write for us, inbound marketing + write for us, internet marketing + write for us+ marketing blogs + write for us, marketing blog + write for us, write for us + internet marketing, write for us + SEO + write for us + SEO guest article, online marketing + write for us, write for us + content marketing, write for us SEO blog, write for us + SEO blogs, and write for us: SEO.

How long does guest posting take to show its impact?

Guest posting is a marathon and not a sprint. So, depending on your niche, audience engagement, and other factors, it may take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months to see the benefits of guest posting.

How do you craft quality guest posts?

To create quality guest posts, make sure you:

  • Define your objectives
  • Choose a relevant topic.
  • Research the topic thoroughly.
  • Craft an error-free copy.
  • Make the copy engaging and easily readable.
  • Use links wisely.
  • seo, write for us seo, link building marketplace.

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